3.9 5 0 179 179 Quaker Chewy® bars you know and love with added grains like quinoa and sorghum to create a delicious and nutritious lunchbox snack!
Quaker Chewy Super Grain Oats & Chocolate Granola Bars
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Really chewy and flavorful
This was really chewy but not in a bad way. You can't really taste the super grains and oats, but you can feel the texture. Overall, I was really impressed by the flavor as it's more 'healthy', but they did a good job of not making it healthy tasting.
Great texture
I thought maybe they would have a grainy texture but was surprised to find them comparable to the regular chewy bars. Like the extra health benefits of the super grains!
Pretty good school snack
I really like that they super grains. Plus, my kids enjoy the taste so that's good> I also like that they are peanut free. They are perfect for school snacks. My kids would prefer that they were dipped in chocolate lol.
So good
I bought these for my son for a school snack and found myself enjoying them as well they are one of the mire healthier choices my son will eat and the quinoa gives you a grest boost of energy good for middle of the day snack!
Great Stuff!
have been dealing with a number of health issues lately and as a result, have been losing weight quite rapidly. Couldn't stand the thought of some of those drinks, so I tried the Quaker Chewy Bars with Quinoa. Even at 100 calories each, they helped buoy up my weight. The MAJOR downside is the cost. You really must check around. I've seen them for as low as $1.49 per box to as high as $3.59 per box. Too bad there aren't usable coupons for this product, as I'm going through at least a box per day.
These are really good granola bars. I love the chocolate in it.
I'm trying to eat healthier and I love granola bars. These are a great alternative , with less sugar especially! They are a bit more expensive for only getting 5 in a box but I am willing to spend that because they taste so good.
These taste good but they don't fill the gap when you need a snack. You need to eat the whole box to feel satisfied! In the world of snack bars they just don't rate as high for me as many other kinds do. I won't buy them again.
This is a great lunchbox friendly snack! My kids love them, and love the fact that it offers some variety to the usual peanut free granola bars. Quaker also has a great price compared to most "Super Grain" snack bars. Thank you Quaker for keeping moms in mind!
Really dry but okay tasting - would not be my 1st choice for granola bar.
Pretty neutral on them. They aren't horrible, just alright. Won't buy them a second time.
These are a tasty treat too throw in lunches or in a purse
Not bad but nothing special. Do like to taste the extra fibre.
Very good! I like the crunchiness in the bar and also a great filler for when you're on the road!
These really are great. Chewy and also filling. Very satisfying snack!

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