4.3 5 0 95 95 Strawberry breakfast squares made with real fruit. 5 bars, 210 calories and 5g fibre.
Quaker Harvest Breakfast Squares
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Absolutely loved
I absolutely LOVE these for a quick breakfast when you're on the go. They have an amazing taste and hold you over. I would deffiantly but them again as I do everytime I get groceries.
Ok breakast
When my local stores stopped selling my go to product I decided to get this. The flavour it sgreat but the texture of the filling throws me off. I wish it wasn't so gummy.
very hearty/filling and delicious
I enjoyed tasting these breakfast bars, as they have the right consistency of granola with fruit filling. I found them to be quite filling and would suggest probably breaking them in half (saving half for later), but that's my opinion as I enjoy fresh fruit with a granola bar too.
Not filling
Wasn't filling. Needs more strawberry filling. Was really thick.
Breakfast In A Bar
I tried these a couple of years ago when they first came on the market and I was a new repeat customer after my first Bar. I loved the convenience of having all the goodness of Quaker Havest in a Bar for breakfast; or anytime really. They were crunchy and the taste was exactly like their boxed cereal. I loved that they were nutritious so there was no guilt from snacking on them. They were enough to take you from breakfast to lunch; leaving you feeling satiated. I also got the stamp of approval from my son who is difficult to get to eat anything healthy. They were slightly more expensive than their regular granola bars, but I thought they were worth the extra money. Quaker Harvest Cereal Bars are a winner and I'm extremely happy that Quaker added it to their List of Quaker products.
I love these all of the flavors they are so good and easy to stick with you anywhere anytime. They often go on sale, i recommend giving them a try.
I tried these once and I have been buying these ever since. They have a great taste and definitely fill you up.
I take these in my purse for long errand trips. Perfect size and portion
Delicious and filling. I enjoyed them as I generally dislike eating in the morning.
I really enjoy these breakfast squares and like taking them for a quick breakfast on the go.
My kids really liked these bars because they are simple to take with them for breakfast, we ended up throwing some into everyone's lunches as well.The flavor was good and we cant wait to try the other flavors
I both tried the strawberry and the apple-cinnamon and they were delicious.It's a good breakfast and it's a good snack,i always have a box at home.
These breakfast bars are great. They taste good, and are fantastic for on the go. I love giving my grandson treats that are good for ya and with him not being a big eater in the morning, these are perfect. I love them too.
Great for a breakfast on the go with coffee or tea, just about the right amount. For me it seems way too sweet so I do need lots of liquid with it.
I have tried these and I love them best ones I have tried so far

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