4.5 5 0 84 84 Quaker® Harvest Oat Bites are a perfect blend of whole grain oats, real fruits and seeds that are baked until golden brown to give you a delicious morning snack that helps fill you up.
Quaker Harvest Oat Bites Dark Chocolate & Coconut
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Love the product
This bar has oats and chocolate and coconut which is really good for your health and the flavor are so delicious
Quick and Easy
Not my favourite breakfast bar. I found it to be a little dry but otherwise flavour was good.
Je les adore.Mais seulement en collation .Je ne passerais au travers mes avant-midis en déjeunant avec ça uniquement .
Just like a cookie with extra fibre! If you're craving a chocolate chip cookie, these are a good option! A little expensive, but good for a sometimes treat. I would definitely get these again.
Dark Chocolate
GREAT for when it’s that time of the month for us girls!
Quaker coconut and dark chocolate
this is one of the best snack bar flavors I have tried in awhile. the chocolate is rich and smooth and the coconut tastes toasty and fresh. I cant stop at one!
Great healthy snack
What a delicious healthy snack. I loved that it had whole grains oats and real fruit in it. It was baked to perfection. It was so easy to chew as well.
Quaker havest chocolat noir
Barre de céréales que j'achète toujours .Bon pour la santé et sans trop être sucré un bon goût de chocolat noir.
Just the perfect snack
Love that they are little bite size pieces. The dark chocolate is perfect with the coconut. This snack is not overly sweet.
Purchased these back in November for the first time to try. Absolutely love them. Very filling great taste and very well priced. Packaging very well done. Will purchase again.
Cereal bars.
I find them delicious. The combination of dark chocolate and coconut works really well together. They are a great snack when you are on the go. If I'm not satisfied with one I have two.
A tasty treat when I go camping. It hits the sweet spot with a cup of coffee after a day of beach combing.
good bad
the texture was a little too rough for my teeths if it had less crunch it would be easier to eat
Sweet sweet coconut
The combination of chocolate and coconut make this one of the first choices I go to for when I need a sweet and small snack. The flavor is mouth watering and leaves you with a good feeling after eating. Quaker has done it again with this product that I would suggest trying at least once.
J'ai acheté ces barres Quaker, et je ne pas surprise car encore une fois, j'ai adoré ce produit et toute ma famille. Pas trop sucré, comme on les aime.

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