4.6 5 0 72 72 Quaker® Harvest Oat Bites are a perfect blend of whole grain oats, real fruits and seeds that are baked until golden brown to give you a delicious morning snack that helps fill you up.
Quaker Harvest Oat Bites Dark Chocolate & Coconut
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avoine quaker nature chocolat noir et noix de coco
j'ai adoré ce produit car j'adore la noix de coco et le chocolat noir alors c'était parfait pour moi ...
La famille adore
Ce produit a été testé à plusieurs occasion, que ce soit pour des collations durant un pique-nique ou au travail ils sont très appréciés par toute la famille. Le seul point négatif que je pourrais dire est le format de la barre tendre... je trouve que pour le prix le format est assez petit mais le goût est excellent.
Bouche un bon trou !
J'achete frequement des bouchées de la sortent pour des collations pour mes enfants. Celle ci a fait fureur ! J'ai un petit monstre de 2ans bien difficile malheureusement, mais la je suis contente car j'ai trouver quelque chose de pas si mauvais pour la sante qu'il aime !
Very delicious and great when you don't have time to sit down for breakfast.
These are AMAZING!!!! I would most definitely try them again.
Great taste
I like the mix of different tastes that this product gives you. Can't wait to buy some more.
Tasty healthy snack
I love this snack! It's easy to bite into since it's in snack size, healthier than typical chips and etc.
Best pick for school lunches
These scrumptious lil goodies are the best choice in my house for Lunches or on the road ta hockey practice!! Mmm... Try ta have a carton of milk ta go with.. You'll want more than one too.. Take the whole box... Their at a good price!
Whole family loved them
Bought these for my daughter and ended up being a hit with all 3 kids. Im not the biggest granola bar fan and even i loved them!
No coconut please
Bought these without realising there was coconut in them. They were so close to being perfect! Really liked the oats and chocolate, but wish there wasn't any coconut.
This is a very delicious tasting product. Would recommend it.
These are surprisingly delicious. I bought them as a quick grab and go breakfast for once in awhile and I want to have them every morning.
Great quick snack when the kids are running out there door
Quick Snack
This is an amazing snack on the go! LOVED IT! The Coconut and the dark chocolate really come together and make it so delicious. I will most definitely buy again !!
Quaker Harvest Bites Rock
I really enjoyed these Oatmeal Bites, I swim in the morning and am pretty hungry when i get out of the pool and find these to be a great satisfying snack before my next meal.

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