4.6 5 0 72 72 Quaker® Harvest Oat Bites are a perfect blend of whole grain oats, real fruits and seeds that are baked until golden brown to give you a delicious morning snack that helps fill you up.
Quaker Harvest Oat Bites Dark Chocolate & Coconut
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Quaker harvest Oat bites Dark Chocolate and coconut
I recently enjoyed the mix of flavours of these bars. I also found them to be a little more satiating than other bars that are similar. I was pleased with my purchase and will purchase them again.
Oat Bites
Knowing dark chocolate is better for you but normally offers a bitter taste, these bites have found a way to take the bitterness out. My kids enjoy these as a quick snack on the go.
Bouchées d'avoine Quaker
Mes fils les ont adorés la boîte n'a pas durer deux jours
A must try
Very good on the go snack I love the coconut and chocolate topping goes together amazing!!
Must Try
Must try Quaker Harvest Oat Bites. Taste wonderful with the chocolate and cocount. Love it.
I have tried this product before. I love the chocolatey taste and coconut flavor.
I love these quacker bars their always delicious and easy on the go snack i recomend these or work and kids lunches. Thanx quaker
Great snack
Kids love these as an afternoon / after school snack. Can't keep them in the pantry.
these taste really good
So if you have liked quaker granola bars and breakfast bars then your going to like this even better, it has the quacker taste we have all grown up to love and would be perfect for your toddlers as they are smaller snack sized :)
Good taste
I really enjoyed this product. Flavour is really good! The product is quite filling. I will definitely purchase again.
Great product
I really liked these, they are not only healthy for you but they are easy to take on the go when you are busy and need to get things done they fit perfectly in your purse. they are good for a light snack to tied you over till your next meal. I really liked the coconut and chocolate flavour together it was very good, even my kids like them and they are picky so for them to eat them I know they are good.
It was more filling than I thought it would be! and very tasty!
I never tried it before so I love to try this product. Thank u.
I've never tried this one specialy but is it possible to get samples please. That would be great
Nice bar. Not a very sweet flavor

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