QUEST NUTRITION - Tortilla Style Protein Chips Nacho Cheese

4.3 5 0 100 100 We've baked up our most savory, crunchy protein creation yet. All Natural, gluten and Soy Free. Contains real potatoes, sour cream, Onion, and natural flavors. Made with high quality whey and milk protein isolates.
QUEST NUTRITION - Tortilla Style Protein Chips Nacho Cheese


Easily the best flavour
I purchased a variety of snack foods when I started my keto journey, this flavour was the best tasting one hands down, it’s a different texture than regular chips but not bad. It definitely helps curb the craving
Really good, great alternative to chips. You get the crunch without feeling guilty.
My husband especially enjoys these, they are a good alternative when craving something crunchy. They taste just as good as regular chips but have that extra protein.
Great taste
I follow the keto diet and was looking for something to replace my chip craving. These are a pretty good substitute. Though I do wish they were a little less pricey!
Great for Keto Nachos
When doing keto, sometime you really need a crunchy snack. These taste just as good as traditional chips, and are great for Nacho's. Only downside would be the cost.
Crunchy snack
It has good texture and unique flavour, it is good for sharing.
Guilt free snacking
I was pleasantly surprised to find how deliciously flavourful and bang-on texture these chips are. If you're wanting to increase your protein intake or just simply add a healthier chip offering to your diet, I highly recommend this product.
Taste Great
There are very few good tasting Keto chips, but these are one of the best. Gives you that salty crunchy food that you miss on Keto. They are expensive
Loved this for keto
It's one of the best tasting chips from quest low carb and high protein. The perfect treat when chips are too high in carbs
Pas si mal
C'est plus une collation de gourmandise que collation santé par contre elle sont bien croquante et le goût pas si mal.
Lifesaver if you're on keto
These were a must-have when I was on the keto diet. I missed having something crunchy and salty to eat while watching movies. They are not quite as crunchy as regular tortilla chips but they are a very acceptable substitute. And they taste good! I tried a few other flavours, but this one is my fav.
Great flavours, great crunch, perfect for a low carb life!
For a high protein, low carb, low sugar snack, these are great! They help me stay on track. I'm always on the road so I toss a few bags into my bag and it keeps me from grabbing fast food!
I was a little leery to try these but they honestly taste just like a normal chip!
Feel good about eating chips!
I tried these chips and even though they have a lot more protein than Sun Chips, they reminded me of them with no bad aftertaste. I would definitely recommend these to anybody looking to get more protein in their diet or looking for a yummy filling snack to tide them over between meals!
Best Find
These are delicious and what a treat if you are on low carb diet. They taste like real Nachos - Crispy, crunchy and delish. I also loved the other flavours. Must try :)

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