4.3 5 0 58 58 We've baked up our most savory, crunchy protein creation yet. All Natural, gluten and Soy Free. Contains real potatoes, sour cream, Onion, and natural flavors. Made with high quality whey and milk protein isolates.
QUEST NUTRITION - Tortilla Style Protein Chips Nacho Cheese
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Quest Chips
I was surprised at the good flavour of these chips, I love the amount of protein that they contain and that they are a healthier option when I want the crunch and satisfaction of eating chips. It’s great that they are available in smaller packages, unfortunately they are more expensive than regular snacking chips
Great snack for the high protein/low carb diet. Sensational taste without the guilt!
Good but pricey
These are good for the keto diet and low carb but the price for the size of the bag is outrageous in Canada. Look for alternatives or ask for as a gift.
Just ok.
I was really hoping I’d like these chips. They were ok. They were super dry on their own. I’d recommend eating them with salsa or a dip. Not bad not awesome. Maybe they would be great as nachos!?
These are sooooo good! They literally taste like tacos. Each flavour just hits like you can taste the lettuce and chip and meat. Kinda weird but so cool at the same time. Also love the fact they are healthy for you!!
Did Not live up to the hype
I did not like these at all. I was looking for a healthier alternative and heard many great things but I feel like they did not live up to the hype. Maybe I will have to try more flavours I don’t know.
Great Taste
These are a great chip if you are looking for a healthy low carb alternative or a boost of protein. The cheddar flavour was very robust. I did find it to be pricy for how little there was in the bag but it is a higher quality product.
Love these chips
Love these chips this is one of my favorite flavours...they are more of a thin cracker constistancy but still taste really good.
We used to buy these chips quite often, but they can be a bit pricey. Taste good, crunchy and cheesy! It's a good buy if you're on keto diet and missing chips! I'd recommend it if you don't mind it being pricey!
Keto Approved
Awesome, crunchy, and tasty! The only downside they are a little pricey and sometimes the chips come completely broken in the bag. Overall a staple for anyone doing a low carb or keto diet.
Good keto snack
If you’re eating keto then these are a great snack to satisfy the missing crunch. They’re pricey and there are not a lot in the bag. But the flavours are pretty decent and it feels like you’re eating chips.
A keto snack staple
Since going keto I have been craving chips. I was given these to try and they are now a Friday night movie night staple. They do have a different consistency but I love to add salsa and they hit the spot.
Yummy lower carb
These are good tasting lower carb tortilla chips. They are pretty thin and fragile so don't expect them to hold up to stiff salsa or dip that well. There are not many alternatives for low carb chips on the market.
Love these!
These are my go to Keto snacks, great with a little salsa or dip!!
great flavour for protein product
I've tried numerous protein products and this one is by far the best in flavour! There is no terrible after taste, however I do believe the texture would could be improved. A little grainy! Otherwise amazing!

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