4.7 5 0 79 79 With no chlorine bleaching, latex, lotions, fragrance or formaldehyde, Rascal + Friends diapers are better for babies’ bums and the environment too!
Rascal + Friends Premium Diapers
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I love these. I get these and the pull-ups. great price for a great prucet
I have tried these diapers. They are good, but I am not a fan of the price. They cost more.
This are pretty and not to many leaks. However the size is a note off. My 2 year old and my 7 month old can both wear size 4 without issue.
Best diapers
This brand of diapers is my all time favorite hands down. When my daughter was first born both Huggies and Pampers diapers gave her bad rashes and my friend suggested this brand. I switched to r&f and haven't gone back since. Great quality and price 👌
Great Quality Diapers
I received a pack of these diapers from my sister-in-law to try as they were new and sold from Walmart. We are always looking for ways to save money while keeping in mind of quality products. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked. The absorbancy was pretty good for my toddler who usually had many wet diapers. The tabs on the diapers are quite lareger on the side in comparison to its competitors like huggies and pampers. The size of the diapers are slightly larger as well- which is nice because my daughter has thicker thighs so it was great their sizes were a bit bigger. Overall, they are pretty good diapers and a good price for them. I only wish though they had different designs for the diapers for sizes.
Bien mais cher
J’ai aimé ses couches mais selon moi elle sont un peu trop cher. Aussi, je trouve qu’elle fit plus grande que les couches que j’ai l’habitude d’acheter. Je ne l’ai ai pas vu ailleurs qu’au walmart. Je ne recommande pas ce produit.
Cute diapers!
We were given some from a friend to try and I was impressed with the quality of these diapers. The elastic waist was great and helped fit my child properly. The diaper did not give his sensitive skin a rash as some brands have in the past. They seemed softer than the leading brands.
Love them
I do love these diapers i fine they fit a little bit and the tabs do suck but overall I personally feel like they hold so much more and love the fact there cheaper.
I just purchased a small bag of the R&F diapers to try. My daughter was leaking through her diapers on a nightly basis. We have only used for 2 nights so far and we have had no leaks!! That makes me one happy Mom!
love love love
My little chunky guy would blow out his diaper every day, multiple times a day. The day we made the switch to rascal and friends we haven’t had a blow out since! I love everything about these diapers especially how cute and soft they are.
Great diaper for a low price
These diapers are very absorbent and soft and you can't beat the price! The only negative is that the sides do not stretch, so it's difficult to get the perfect fit.
Good but
I found they were very good for absorbency but they weren't very breathable. My daughter would have sweat rashes from wearing them. I would have loved to stayed with them but just couldn't due to that fact. I would still recommend them though.
Super soft and great fit
I was really happy with the feel and fit of this diaper. The diaper fit around my toddler's waist and legs properly so she could climb and jump without leaks. This brand is worth a try:).
Big and bulky
I find the diapers too big and bulky. They are very cute diapers, but they are bulkier then I was expecting. I’m thinking that the company could come up with a thinner material.
New Favourite
I'm so happy to have come across this brand through a product review video on YouTube, for both its quality and price. They are bit bulkier and fit larger, so we needed to go down a size in this brand compared to others like Seventh Generation. They are absorbent enough for overnight wear as well. It's a shame they aren't available in more store locations other than Walmart.

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