4.7 5 0 78 78 With no chlorine bleaching, latex, lotions, fragrance or formaldehyde, Rascal + Friends diapers are better for babies’ bums and the environment too!
Rascal + Friends Premium Diapers
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Before I tried R+F I was using 2 other leading brands. Since switching to R+F I can safely say I will never go back to the other brands. They have no odour, they hold up against my heavy wetter, and they are also very cute. The price is also a bonus! They fit slightly larger than the other brands.
Good overall product
I decided to test these out as they were a bit cheaper and I saw that they were getting good reviews. They do run a bit big so be cautious. They did the job during the day but we had some wet mornings. Aside from that I would recommend these.
HONESTLY SOOOO GLAD TO HAVE THIS BRAND !!! I wish they were around when my oldest was still in diapers ! I switched to this brand with my 2 year old who was having a lot of sensitivity issues with other diaper brands; he just seemed to have a never ending rash, the poor boy. When I read about these diapers and seeing so many people who were having the same issue as I that then switched to this brand and "magically" no more rashes, I decided to give them a try... And oh my, am I glad I did. The very next day after switching to this brand my sons forever rash had finally started healing !! Once it the rash had healed up, he never got another one for as long as we used these! Now he is potty trained but we just added another baby boy to the family so you better believe that these are ALWAYS on the list ! Just wish they were available in more stores !!!
Best Diapers ever 😍
these baby diapers are enormously absorbent. My children have never had any irritation with this brand. they are not expensive at all for the quality
My daughter and my daughter in law both use these diapers. My daughter started to use them when our granddaughter had a reaction to the other diapers she was useing. Then my daughter in law was having the same problem so my daughter suggested to try these diapers and now both children are happy and rash free.
No more poopy stained clothes!!!
My 8 month old is very chunky, these nappies fit amazing! Lots of room no leaks no explosions!! I also used these as a night time diaper for my potty training 2 year old!! No more wet bed!!
Absolute favourite diapers!
These diapers change my life! No explosions, no leaks and my baby girl hasnt had a single issue. Bonus!! they are cheaper then leading brands
Highly Recommended
Based on the reviews alone , I have recently purchased these and worth the money ! Such a happy use for my entire family and son.Such A well wounded product ,something I would definitely recommend this to everyone !
Bang for your buck!
I’ve gotten so many compliments about these diapers. Not only do they look amazing they hold lots and they are healthier for my baby’s skin
Great product
Great diapers. Good for all night unlike the store brands. Super cute and fun designs. They really exceeded my expectations.
Racial and Friends
Love these! Great fit for my baby and no more leaks from blowouts. Not stretchy and not too stiff at the waist and very absorbent for my baby
Super absorbent, super clean
The diapers didn’t cause any irritation or redness for my daughter, who experienced problems from a few of the big brands. As absorbent overnight as Honest company diapers, but the fit is different. The stretch is mostly in the back of the diaper
5 stars
These diapers are amazing value. They are always the cheapest diaper on the market even during sale prices. The quality is phenomenal. Softer than brand name and holds just as much liquid. Why pay more for the logo on the box? Choose Rascal and Friends next time you need diapers!
My new go to diapers. I cloth diapers my son for over a year but made the switch to disposable since he no longer liked wearing the cloth. I came across these diapers and are they ever amazing. They are super absorbent, fit amazing and have no smell. I love that there is no added junk and It’s a nice simple diaper, plus the design is so adorable
Loved these diapers
Love these diapers. They were soft and gentle on my little girls bum. My only wish is that they had a true NB size diaper. The size 1 was quite large on her at first but once she porked up a tad they were great.

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