4.7 5 0 67 67 With no chlorine bleaching, latex, lotions, fragrance or formaldehyde, Rascal + Friends diapers are better for babies’ bums and the environment too!
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Super absorbent, super clean
The diapers didn’t cause any irritation or redness for my daughter, who experienced problems from a few of the big brands. As absorbent overnight as Honest company diapers, but the fit is different. The stretch is mostly in the back of the diaper
5 stars
These diapers are amazing value. They are always the cheapest diaper on the market even during sale prices. The quality is phenomenal. Softer than brand name and holds just as much liquid. Why pay more for the logo on the box? Choose Rascal and Friends next time you need diapers!
My new go to diapers. I cloth diapers my son for over a year but made the switch to disposable since he no longer liked wearing the cloth. I came across these diapers and are they ever amazing. They are super absorbent, fit amazing and have no smell. I love that there is no added junk and It’s a nice simple diaper, plus the design is so adorable
Loved these diapers
Love these diapers. They were soft and gentle on my little girls bum. My only wish is that they had a true NB size diaper. The size 1 was quite large on her at first but once she porked up a tad they were great.
best diapers for the value
I bought these diapers for the daycare I work in and so far they are the best diapers yet. I have tried them on infants aged 9months-2 years old and no one has leaked through yet. I would compare these to honest company diapers but they are better. the velcro closure is very sticky and the children can't pull them undone like other brands, the cute designs are also a plus. I ha e started recommending these to the moms as they sell at our local Walmart for cheaper than the big box names.
Best diapers ever! We tried absolutely all the brands there is and those are just amazing! Very similar to Honest&co but half the price. So delicate and soft and super absorbing! We're in love!
Rascal and friends
BEST DIAPERS EVER! I will not buy another brand for my daughter
The Best!
My baby has a very sensitive skin. He got eczema eversince he is 1 month old thats why im very particular on kind of diaper to use as i dont want hes bum to get rashes too. Eversince i have the rascal & friends i dont have to worry about diaper rash and no more blowout especially at night.Highly recommended!
Love them!!
I love these diapers! I have tried the other major diaper brands and these diapers are amazing! Keep my LO dry and leak free! No leaks at all... love the high backs to stop blow outs! The pattern is cute as well!
Overnight coverage
These diapers are way better then I expected them to be, this is the only diaper I have found that keeps me from having to wash my sons bedding everyday, the waist strap is great, so secure.
I tried these on my grand daughter just last week, wow they are really good for her. She didn't get no rash as she has sensitive skin.
our little man loves them
I bought a package of these to make my great nieces diaper cake and these were the first diapers used ; her message was Auntie where did u buy these diapers not only the fit is great they are so soft on his little bottom
I love these
These diapers are awesome. They are super durable but very gentle on my little one. I love that they are earth and baby conscious.
Will buy again
Heard tons of good things about these so I decided to give them a try and I am absolutely pleased! Will be our brand from now on
Nice one!
I recently tried this for my baby. These diapers are really very comfy and soft. I felt like my baby slept more comfortably in these ones.

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