4.7 5 0 68 68 With no chlorine bleaching, latex, lotions, fragrance or formaldehyde, Rascal + Friends diapers are better for babies’ bums and the environment too!
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Nice one!
I recently tried this for my baby. These diapers are really very comfy and soft. I felt like my baby slept more comfortably in these ones.
My new favorite diapers!
I was skeptical to try these diapers because I wasn't sure if I'd like them or not and didn't want to end up with the whole box I usually don't like the cheapest diapers as they just can't compare to my favorite brand Huggies but these diapers are different there are absolutely amazing I love the print on them too if you've been wondering if you want to try these or not do it also a tip they fit a little bigger and normal
Not Bad
We bought these diapers to test out as our son pees heavily throughout the night - even if we limit his fluid consumption. If we didn't wake him up about 4 hours later to change him, he would leak through the night and be soaked by morning. We still usually change him - but these diapers proved to hold better than other brands.
I bought a small pack of these after reading positive reviews online. They are wonderful. My son didn't have any issues with redness or rash with them. He also wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night when he was wet, they seem to hold alot more urine than the huggies diapers we typically used. I am very pleased with them.
Good diaper
I love that these are free of harmful chemicals. The designs are cute. I found them a little bit bigger than most other brands. Overall a good product.
Highly Recommended
I was using Pampers for my sons first 6 months of life and saw the Rascal + Friends diapers at Walmart and decided to try them out. I have been using them for the last 2 months and I am extremely impressed and happy with my decision of switching diaper brands! These diapers have more cushion and soak up more pee without me being able to feel the wet diaper through my sons clothes. Also it is a bonus that they are super cute with the designs!
Rascal & friends
I tried Rascal & Friends size3 pack of 42. I was very impressed. I normally used a different product but saw this at Walmart for much cheaper. I like the feel and look of this product. It is very absorbent and no leaks! Which I am very greatful for. I love that it has no lotion or fragrances or chlorine bleaching!! It’s great that they are unisex!! I have two kids still in diapers and always have family and friends over to share them with. Great product and I will continue to purchase this product.
The diapers are ok but the sizing is off compared to brands like huggies and Pampers.
Great absorption (12 hours) limited blowouts, hugs/fits perfect. The elastic waist band is a great fit. Great design. No skin reactions
Cute and reliable
These diapers are great. Super cute and absorbant. They are made a little big so go by the weight on the box!
These diapers were not only affordable but an amazing product the only diaper we have used that has not had leaks or smells terrible
Rascal and Friends Diapers
I do like this diapers due to the comfort they have and also the affordable prices for them. My son hasn’t had any break outs from them which is a plus. So far these diapers are worth it.
Cheap & Good!!
Finally a cheap diaper that doesnt look and feel so cheap! These diapers remind me a lot of Pampers with minor differences. Overall a great buy if your looking for a cheaper alternative to pampers. Wish they had girls & boys or a neutral that had multiple designs but overall they look and work great!
My daughter needed overnight diapers and peed through everything!! Not these. Since we started using rascal and friends, not one overflow. Will be buying for our baby due in August. Fingers crossed for less blow outs:)
Great quality
Great quality diaper. I decided to try these after not being happy with a major competitor because of constant damp diapers and smell coming through. These diapers have none of those problems! Great fit and have had no leaks or smell transfer

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