4.7 5 0 75 75 With no chlorine bleaching, latex, lotions, fragrance or formaldehyde, Rascal + Friends diapers are better for babies’ bums and the environment too!
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These diapers are absolutely amazing! We were using seventh generation, until we got our hand on these, not only are they cheaper, the fit is by far the best! No more leaks over night, no more blow out and still a safer diaper to use when our girl isn’t in cloth
Awesome for the price and good quality my grandbaby stayed nice and dry
Best diapers out there!!!
Love these they are the best diapers use them for both my babies!! Never wet through no perfumes, kids skin dosent react to the diaper!
Our favourite!!!
Me and my husband decided to try this new brand after doing a little research. All we could find was great reviews from other fellow parents. I love the fact that there’s no harsh chemicals on them and this is an important feature for us. Plus is good for the environment, the absorption is amazing (no more leaks) and the neutral color design can’t be any cuter! We have decided to stay with Rascal and friends!
Awesome diapers!
Excellent brand! No leaks!! My daughter leaked almost every night through every brand I've tried...and we tried em all! Very similar to The Honest Company but available in store. Def recommend!
Wow what an amazing product
I purchased these at Walmart on a whim, and man I am glad I did. The price is awesome and they honestly work just as well if not better than the two name brands I normally buy. I also have a one and a half and two and a half year old so they definitely were put to the test. I would definitely buy again and recommend these to all the moms out there. Unfortunately they were out of stock the next time I went to buy more.
Best diapers we’ve tried
- Diapers look very cute. - They hold more liquid than Huggies and pampers. - soft on our baby’s skin. - we love them for long car trips and overnight, we have not experienced any leaks in the past month since we’ve switched to this brand. For comparaison purposes, our baby is currently in size 2.
Great Great Great!
The quality of these diapers is a definite match to other big name brands. The feel is soft to the touch, gentle against baby's skin. The absorbency is phenomenal (lasts all night long) and the price is much easier on the wallet. With two littles in diaper (different sizes) I am so thankful to find these diapers! You get the superior high quality of a big brand diaper at the cost of store brand, what more could a mom ask for! Oh did I mention the diaper contain no chemicals? Non at all, even the dye colour is naturally sourced! Super happy with these diapers
Just as good if not better
These diapers do not leak, very absorbent. My son hasn't been able to use your ordinary diaper brands due to a skin reaction. We started using these recently & are more than pleased. Also, the price is great! :)
Amazing diapers
I love these diapers. No sag, no leaks and most important, No smell! Held up against the dreaded poop explosion. Plus the designs are super cute.
By far my favorite diapers
I recently bought these diapers to try for my son. Honestly I did not have the highest hopes as it is a cheaper (affordable) diaper and I usually find those are the ones that leak like crazy and feel really thin and cheap. However I have been having no luck with Huggies, Kirkland or Pampers, so it couldn't hurt to try them out. Boy was I wrong. These diapers are amazing. They feel so soft. They sit up high on the baby's back (less likely for poop up the back). We have only had one leak (which I fully expect occasionally - he was soaking through Huggies and Kirkland nightly). His constant cum rashes have disappeared. They fit beautifully. I have nothing negative to say about these diapers.
Nothing special
I usually cloth diaper but like to have disposables on hand for laundry day so I thought I would give this new brand a try. The color and pattern are fun. But I find the diapers very stiff also i do not like the velcro straps they arent very sticky and I find they open up very easily. I dont think I would purchase these again!!!
The best
These have to be the best diapers I've ever bought. They are extremely well-made and never leave us with any accidents. They fit my baby extremely well
I and my Friends have switched to these diapers and they work amazing our children woke up feeling dry and no diaper rash love these and am so happy ive changed to these i highly recommended these
They look good for tiny little sensitive skin and wish to try it for my boy

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