4.1 5 0 45 45 Introducing a naturally wholesome snack that combines crispy biscuit with delicious real fruit.
Real Fruit Biscuits Strawberry with Yogurt Biscuits
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Love these. The yogurt along with the nutty crunch make these a tasty snack.
Not bad
I wouldn’t buy these on the regular but they are good for a bit of protein on the go!
passe pas ici🥴
et bien jaime faire decouvrir de nouveaux produits a mes 4 enfants et celui la malheureusement fait parti de ceux qui ne reviendront pas a la maison🤷🏽‍♀️ils nont pas aimer la creme genre yogourt sur le dessus🤷🏽‍♀️
4 stars, very yummy!
I loved this product. It completely filled my craving. Would highly recommend for lunch time snacks.
A good quick breakfast option! Great for people on the go. It has a great texture and is not overly sweet. Also great to throw in lunches.
Kids approved
This was liked by everyone in my house and it was great because I didn’t find it too sweet.
Realfruit biscuits
Got these for the kids, and they did not care for them.
Good snack
I received a package of these as a free sample, and although I did not try them personally, I did give it to my kids who loved them. Guess they're a hit!
Oh so good
Wow these are so good. There creamy with a hint of fruit and a nice crispy cookie.
I am always looking for healthy snack options for my toddlers. And when I saw this product on the shelf, I knew I had to give it a try! They loved them... the enjoy licking all the yogurt off and then biting into the biscuit 😂. I also enjoyed the taste and have made these a staple in our snack cupboard!
Real Fruit Biscuits Strawberry with Yogurt Biscuits
I bought these for my children's school lunches, but neither of them liked them. I won't buy again.
Légère et délicieuse ! Parfait pour patienter jusqu'au repas 😍
Tried these because they were on sale. Otherwise too expensive for 6 snacks.
These taste really good. They are a convenient snack.
The big bits of raw sugar sprinkled on top makes this a weird tasting snack. The fruit flavor is not very strong and it gets overpowered by this sweet topping. With the sugar removed and more fruit, I would give it another chance.

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