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Refresh® Plus® Lubricant Eye Drops
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I am a daily user for very dry eyes. I can't believe how much my eyes have improved from using this product.
No turning back
I don't like using eye drops but will on occasion when my eyes are dry and/or itchy. These drops are amazing. I used it less frequently throughout the day than I did in the past with other brands which is a major plus!
Optometrist recommended
I suffer from dry eyes and the normal drops I was buying (cosine) just weren't doing the trick. At my next appointment I was offered samples to try and these were perfect! Some days I use them 2 or 3 times and after a week or so of use I take a break for a bit
these drops leave your eyes feeling renewed and fresh
Good Product
I buy often, works well for me as my eyes are sensitive to drops
i had difficulty using the eyedrops as they did not drop easily when I squeezed the bottle. I have very dry eyes and the drop did lubricate my eyes
Allergy itching gone!
These eye drops are quick acting and long lasting, perfect for when I'm experiencing allergies!
perfect eye drops
I find these eye drops really good . Especially if you have dry eyes this really helps out .
Multiple uses
I have a dry eye problem and use these kind of eye drop all the time I just don't like to use the bottles since it gets easily contaminated...these single use eye drops are perfect and safe against bacterias. When I have some of the drops left in the applicator I can use it in my mascara or eye liner to keep it wet. I even use these drops for my dog that has dry eyes to. The vet said it's safe to use with single time applicator since dog eyes are more fragile to bacterial. Really useful product with multiple uses!
I have dry eyes and they can be really painful. I have used many different types of drops, including prescription drops. These work quiet well, when my eyes are in need of help, I just wish something could be invented that lasted longer.
I have seen eye specialists about my chronic dry eyes. I do use a prescription eye drop, but rely on Refresh Plus to use in between. The drops are very soothing.
I had lasic quite awhile back and have suffered off and on with dry eyes I use the lubricating drops during the day and evenings and always Cary them in my purse with me. Occasionally I use the gel drops at night but find they leave my vision blurry so I prefer the lubricating drops during my awake hours.
I have been a fan of Refresh eye products for years and I really the preservative free single use drops. I have dry and sensitive eyes and find most drops difficult to tolerate but these ones don't burn or sting. I love using them after a long day at the office when my eyes are tired after staring at a computer screen all day. The packaging may not be ideal for some but please realize they have to be packaged this way as they need to remain sterile as they are free of preservatives.
I had laser eye surgery a few years ago so my eyes somewhat dry out. i have used several types of drops and these by far are the most refreshing drops. I always keep these handy!
I had laser eye surgery, and found this product helpful with dry eyes

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