Renuzit Sensitive Scents White Pear & Lavender Gel Air Freshener

4 5 0 127 127 Simply adjust the cone height to release the right amount of fragrance to banish odours and leave behind a clean, refreshing scent.
Renuzit Sensitive Scents White Pear & Lavender Gel Air Freshener


I love the smell, always pick up a few when I see them
love the scent
I love the fresh and subtle scent ..i only wish they last longer ,,or the scent maybe change half way through..after awhile you can't smell it as much
Not my favourite
I tried this because I thought the scent would be more subtle, but I was wrong. I'm not a big fan of lavender and that was all I could smell as soon as I cracked it open. I thought I'd get used to it after a while, but I ended up giving it away.
Fresher Smelling Air
I first purchased Renuzit White Pear and Lavender for the man cave. I bought 3, one for every corner and it left definitely left fresher smelling air in there. The smell was so much better so the next time I went shopping I purchased 4 more for the house. 2 for the closets 1 for the bathroom and 1 for the laundry room. I will be purchasing more.
Rafraîchisseur d'air en gel qui dispense une bonne odeur de fraîchement lavé,la senteur de lavande diminue cependant au fil des jours, le contenant se dépose facilement dans n’importe quelle pièce de la maison, facile d'utilisation, ne requière pas de branchement dans la prise électrique.L'odeur de lavande nous transporte en Provence
These little things are great and I am ALWAYS picking them up at the dollar store and leaving them all over the house including next to me bed and in the bathroom. They sell some of the Snuggle fabric softener scented ones at the dollar store and these have a wonderful laundry scent to them I leave one of these in the washroom behind the toilet and I do not pop the bottom open because they dry up too quickly. If you pop that piece off completely and push the top out entirely it leaves a small hole for the smell to escape and instead of this drying up in less than a week it takes about a month to dry. I keep one of the Hawaiian scented ones next to my bed just opened a tiny bit so that I can smell it when I am going to bed, those two and the apple cinnamon happen to be my favorites.
Smells great
Smells good. Lasted long time. Keep every room smells fresh and clean.
Subtle but great smell
I actually picked it up at a dollar store nearby and for the price I am extremely pleased. Smells great and it's long lasting!
I love lavender
I loved the fresh scent of lavender in the room . It is one of my favorite scents . I use it in my bedroom and it relaxes me for sleep .
The smell!
I love the smell of this; it’s not overwhelming. I recommend buying it! Try a new scent!
Nice clean smelling product
Tried this and was pleasantly surprised the smell was so clean and fresh smelling .
Smells great and clean
Love the combination of these 2 smells. It leaves a fresh smell with not an overpowering hit as you walk into a room it’s worth every penny. I highly recommend this product
We love this so much, we have to buy more than 1 , thank you
Not impress
I don’t like this much the smell don’t last long and it dry fast! It’s cheap to buy but not long to last. Smell is good by the way!
Strong smell at 1st but it drys out quickly. Use in small areas

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