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REVLON Box o` Files
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I have tons of files, but some of these are my favourites.
love my revlon nail files! they are the only brand I ever buy!
these are so convenient. love the cute design and box they come in
Love theses! I hate the large files - too hard to handle and the middles get wasted with me. So when Ii found These Revlon mini files I snapped them up. They are they perfect size and a pack of 6 means I can stash a couple around the house.
I should have read that closer, sorry about that. I haven`t seen these file`s but I also haven`t looked for new file`s in a long time. Next time I`m in need of some new one`s I`ll have to give them a try.
would love to try this maybe in the future if i come across it while shopping
This would make an awesome part of a gift, or stocking stuffer.
love that its a revlon product. usually are much more expensive than any other brand.
I have not tried these... but I use a lot of files ..would love to try them
i havent try this yet but looks great,revlon great brand as well
I haven`t seen these nail files in my area. Would love to try when they come out though.
i have`nt tried irequest a free samplecan u plz send it revlon
Currently use a Revlon filer works great. I would consider buying this the next time a need a new filer. I like that the files come in a bulk box.
I need some new files, might try these. Revlon is always a good quality product
haven`t tried them yet but I`m sure if I had a coupon I would.

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