4 5 0 64 64 Smooth, flexible formula coats lashes for clump-free separation.
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Awesome product
I just love the mascara and it gives volume to my eyes and doesn't smuge or clumps
love it!
I just bought this product 3 weeks ago, and i love it. It creates longer thicker lashes with one coat. It's great.
Very nice but the brush is super small, good for the inside corners of the eyes though.
I bought this product hoping it would make my lashes look more dramatic, but sadly I didn't get the drama I had hoped for. I had to add many coats of the product, and still didn't feel like it did much, if anything to enhance my lashes.
Didn't get the "drama" promised.
Wasn't real happy with this product, was excited to try but felt let down. If you are looking for a very natural lash it would be good. It thinly coats the lashes and adds no length. I also found it not really smooth to apply.
It’s ok
When I first opened the mascara I liked it but it became thick really quickly. Doesn’t lengthen my lashes as much as I would like.
Product sample, hated it
I'm used to buying cheap drugstore mascara so when i got chosen from another site to try this stuff I was sorta pumped. Unfortunately it didn't work as well as I would have liked. I like the long look of the lashes, and spaced out .. I found this made them look spaced out but it didn't make them long. not even with a few layers. I didn't like it wont be buying it again .. i will stick to my shoppers drug mart essence mascara
Good Mascara
This mascara is great. I bought the water proof version and it worked as expected. I loved the silicone brush, but I believe the bristles could be longer.
Great mascara
Easy to build volume and thickness with this mascara. Very rich color and great brush. It leaves my eyelashes looking full, longer and just overall really nice. Got this for free to test it out.
Good mascara
I bought this last week and have already used it a couple of times now. The mascara wand is very effective and it does provide the length and volume I was looking for. The mascara lasts me a whole day too!
Love it
This is one of my go to mascaras. I use it daily whether it's by itself or if I use it with other ones as well, I find it to be the best one too separate my lashes and it works great!!
Nice product
I’ve used this product and liked it well Enough, but I do have another favourite and will continue buying that one 🤗
Great mascara
O tired many mascaras this one is my favorite! It does not make your lashes stick together. It us sensitive on my eyes and dies not get smugly under my eyes. The cost is fair
I love this mascara, it does not make my lashes clumpy and it makes my lashes long.
it makes lashes look naturally long. It doesn't smudge or crumble your lashes. It is meant to be for the daily use. I would recommend it.

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