4.3 5 0 3 3 Rexall Extra Strength Body Lotion is described as a non-greasy and fast-absorbing scented formula that hydrates and soothes extra dry skin. It is said to offer long-lasting protection, is enriched with chamomile extract and multiple moisturizers, and retails in a 600ml pack.
Rexall Extra Strength Body Lotion
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Ok product
My girlfriend use this every week she likes this product
I've tried several dry skin lotions and this one actually works pretty well
Comparable to brand name quality
I usually buy Lubriderm or Keri lotion, then I tried this when I was up the street at Rexall and it is good. The extra strength feels, to me, sort of like regular strength of the brand name types, but it works well for me, and is our go-to hand lotion now thanks to covid and all the rubbing alcohol!
Trust Rexall Brand
This is a great moisturizer! I've tried many, many different kinds; this is among the best. For me - in a small rural town - to find a moisturizer that actually moisturizes and feels good on your skin all day, is a brand I'll stay loyal to. Thanks Rexall

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