4.4 5 0 41 41 This popular flavor starts off mild, but has just enough kick to fire up your snack time
Riceworks Sweet Chilli Gourmet Rice Snacks
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Love the flavour and crunch of these. The only this is I find them a little expensive, but I love to treat myself to these every once in awhile. Each 'chip' is full of flavour. Be careful - they're hard to eat just one!
Big crunch
I tried these on the weekend. They have a good strong crunch with a bit of heat. I love the texture and flavor.
Rice works sweet chilli
I love this product. It satisfies my need for maximum crunch and the flavour is great. I do wish it was a little cheaper.
These are so Good! Gluten free with loads of flavor
Yum yum yum
I LOVE these!!! I tried these once when I was trying a gluten-free diet, and even though I no longer eat gluten-free I still buy these. Perfect taste, not too spicy, not too sweet. Awesome crispness. Can’t say enough good things about them!!
I fist bought a couple of bags of these to take along on a camping trip last year that we went on with a large group of friends. Everyone loved them ! We are them both as a snack during the day and then decided to try them as the chips in a nacho dish. We covered them in cheese, tomatoes, green onion, and ground beef and put them on the BBQ......HOLY MOLY I will never make regular nachos again. they went so fast we had to make another batch. I now buy these on a regular basis and haven't bought regular nacho chips since. The whole family loves them.
Love these rice chips - I always buy them in the sweet chilli flavour.
Delicious Gluten Free Snack Option
Delicious gluten free snack option. Texture and crunch is great and flavour is good as well. Definitely something I have purchased over and over.
I love these chips! Hands down my absolute favourite kind... They pack the right amount of heat and have a great flavour.
too sweet
I was really hoping to like this product but it was just not what I was expecting and I found the flavour and after taste unpleasant. Even if hungry and there was nothing around I would not want these.
I purchased these when they had them at Costco after trying them at a friend's place. They are so delicious! I usually only eat a handful at a time because I find them filling but I can't recommend them enough.
I really like these Rice snacks - they have a wonderful, spicy flavor to them. Great alternative to traditional potato chips or crackers when you are wanting a snack or something to use with a dip
These were a staple in my house. Theses are loaded with flavour.
These are my new favorite snack cracker. I love that they are actually good for you and contain a lot of fiber ! yummy!
It’s just the right amount of sweet and spice... great snack to watch movies to

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