3.9 5 0 88 88 16 Hr. kiss proof lip colour. High impact endless colour, leaves lips feeling smooth and moisturized all day long.
Rimmel London Provocalips
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Long lasting
Definitely hold colour most of the day. This is my Vegas lipwear
Best all day lipstick
I absolutely love this product. I've tried so many all day lipsticks that just don't last. This one stays on ALL DAY. It doesn't transfer onto glasses or my beau's lips! It lasts through all my meals. It's the best out there.
Loved this product, have it in a deep red. It stays on for hours & needs make up remover to completely remove. However, it will flake off if you’re drinking anything, and the inner lip area comes off as well over time. Don’t layer - it flakes off. Make sure the colour is fully dried before adding the sheer moisturizer.
I love Rimmel London lipsticks and lip products. This product is long lasting it doesn't cause any dryness to the lips and it makes it healthy and great looking.
I absolutely love this product. It literally stays on my whole 8 hour work shift and has no transfer
I love Rimmel 16 hr lip colours they last the whole evening I don’t have to do that we application the best thing is that they are always priced under $10 unlike L’Oreal who is infallible hours wear. lipsticks are 15$+
LOVE THIS!!! For several reasons. The color stays, and lasts as advertised. There is no bleeding of color off my lips either. I like the two part application, as you apply color, and then topcoat it. (It’s magical stuff)
I love the colors but dont stay on my lips for a long time
I love this product. It truly stays on until the next day! I love the colours! Only comes off with waterproof make up removal.
I have tried a few different shades of this. I have tried using a lip primer underneath and without. I am not a big fan of this as I find, after 5 or 6 hours, it starts to become almost crusty. You can reapply the gloss or top coat but it doesn't help fix the problem
Kimmel London Procalips is great lip stick I love it don't have to keep applying it!
It does as it says, and the lipstick does last for hours without feathering. Unfortunately it tends to make my lips feel heavy and i'm constantly feeling like it's drying out my lips. Even when using a moisturising lip balm before application. The clear lip stain tends to feel very much like molasses. But otherwise it's a very good product and I love the colour.
I wasn't a fan of the gloss but the lipstick its self is amazing. It easily stayed on 20 hours and that's with eating and drinking. I would love to see the colour rang expanded.
I love the various color options and the feeling of it on my lips
Personally my go to lipstick. Completely kiss proof, basically everything proof once it's dried actually. Wish there were more colours though!

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