3.6 5 0 18 18 Rimmel London introduces new Shake it Fresh Mascara, the freshest mascara on the block that won’t dry out or cause clumps.
Rimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara
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Awesome product
I love this mascara and it looks great and dryes fastly and gives volume to your eyes and doesn't smuge or clumps
Lengths of lashes.
I found this mascara to show the long length l desired thanks so much...cheryl.
Like an average mascara. I wanted more length. It's ok but I found it dried up way to fast
Too dry for my eyes
I have tried a many mascaras over the years but honestly this is one brand i did not care for.After opening the package was totally dried up inside within a few weeks. Couldn"t believe it.Thought it was just a bad one.So I bought another same thing.It appeared already drying up as soon as opened the packaging.Mascara should not dry up if properly sealed for at least 3 months.Didn"t think that makes good value for the money
je ladore
je l'adore ces un des mascara qui va le mieux , il fait une belle courbe de long cils il est merveilleux
I was not a fan. I found it got clumpy right away. I wouldn’t recommend it.
j adore ce produit il fait partie de ma trousse maintenant . je le recommande à toute les femmes
I want tri that mascara i hope it is goog for my and my makeup be in perfect.
Rimmel volume shaker is great. will take one again. Today bought some different their mascara and very happy
This mascara has great qualities that I really liked and it created such nice length within my eyelashes. I really like that the formula is non clumping, creates slight volume that looks very natural, gives me adequate length without me having too apply it over and over and very pigmented. I noticed during the day it does not flake off and nor does it smudge off. Its a water-resistant product which I like so it comes off very easily with makeup remover. The wand application brush is constructed very nicely so it spread out your eyelashes just perfectly and the wand itself is small enough too hold nicely in your hand. The price is very good for this product. I seen it for 6.99$ at Superstore and I will defiantly be purchasing this product when I am finished with this one.
Its ok but i think its too wet and i dont care for the brush much.
I love this product. I really like the color. It's easy to use and works perfectly. No clumps.
Absolutely great product I have long lashes to begin with but this really made a statement
Unfortunately I was really disappointed wih Rimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara. I found it way too wet and took forever to dry. I didn't find I got the length or volume from it either. The concept is great but it wasn't executed well. I would not recommend this mascara. I have used and liked other Rimmel mascara and this one didn't come close to those one's.
Unfortunately I did not like this product, I didn't like the brush it came with, and it didn't seem to work well for me. I love the idea behind the product, it just didn't work for me

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