3 5 0 9 9 What happens when you hide a bite-sized, buttery tasting RITZ cracker inside a salty, crunchy pretzel? You get RITZ Munchables Pretzel Rounds, a scrumptiously satisfying snack you just pop in your mouth
Ritz munchables pretzel crackers
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I like ritz crackers and pretzels separately, but I feel like when you put them together you lose the flavour of each one!
Very good variety of crackers - especially if you like pretzels.
Great snack and perfect for my kid`s lunches
Have tried these- found the Sour Cream ones to have the best flavour- but overall found them to be dry- Would not purchase agan- will stiick with originals
These are a great twist on an old favorite. really enjoy them :)
I bought these without realizing I didn`t grab regular ritz. I wanted them for kolbossa and cheese. I am glad I "accidentally" picked them up, they are a regular in my pantry now. Kids love them and so does hubby.
I tried these as a sample in the store , I didnt mind the original , but didnt like the sour cream flavour. I would probably only buy these if they were on a great sale or had a good coupon.
These were really salty and the sour cream and onion flavour tasted disgusting. I would never buy/eat this again.
These are good crackers. My family liked them better then I did though. I wont be buying more but Im sure they will.

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