4.4 5 0 77 77 Everything flavour. Baked with onion, poppy seeds, garlic and sea salt.
Ritz To Go
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Love the portioned packages. Stays fresh longer and that’s what I need
Perfect for on the go!
So good just on their own! I love to eat these If my stomach hurts because they taste better than salt crackers. Our girls have always loved the Ritz flavour too, just on its own or with Cheese. These packs are perfect for on the go, quick grab healthy snack!
Goes with everything
Plain is the best as rest of flavours are salty and give off taste on palate
Buttery & Garlicky
The have good flavour and crunch. I love the to go packs which makes it easier to pack in a lunch! No disappointments here.
These Ritz crackers are great. Perfect size for packing in lunches
great packaging for "on the go"
I love Ritz crackers. They are a staple in my house. The "on the go" packaging is great for on the go. For taking to doctor's app'ts, for visiting friends/family in the hospital etc. They are easy to pack when you get up in the morning and decide to go for a quick weekend getaway. Nice to always have on hand.
my fave
love the portioned out sleeves they come in. tastes so good with some good old cheese
It's rites crackers there to go that is a positive. Small packages are great but there not that tasty
Ritz is my fav! Crispy light and all dressed up. Great on the go...in your bag!
These taste like a regular Ritz cracker, only 100 times better! The added seasonings make a huge taste difference. They are perfect for quick or take away lunches with a bit of cheese.
Great convenient snack on the go. Great taste too! Perfect for cheese , meat, or any topping when you want to mix it up.
they taste great especially the plain ones not strung out on the cheese ones though, love the convenient little packages even when not on the go then the rest of the box doesn't go stale
I love the packaging idea for these crackers. Its just the right size and amount to take on the go. They make a great light crispy snack!
These crackers are delicious! Although I do not care for the extra packaging, they do make it a lot easier for the kids to make their own lunches
We often use them. Very light, crispy and nice flavoured with healthy herbs. Use with a little cheese dip and tea. Great...

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