4.1 5 0 191 191 Intense flavour. Straight from the grill. The original grilled BBQ flavour you love intensified with delicious spice.
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Ruffles BBQ Flaming Hot
These BBQ chips are the best I have tasted they are hot but taste real good with a cold beer...
Flamin Hot Ruffles
I was disappointed in the Flammin Hot Ruffles, a bit to hot for my taste buds and the chips didn't seem as fresh as the other flavors.
Hot Hot Hot!!!
You just gotta love Ruffles. The BBQ was a bit hot for me. They were crispy fresh and great tasting.
These Ruffle My Taste buds
Ruffles are the best these chips tasted great however I had the impression that they might have been spicy but they weren't. That could just be because I have a high tolerance for spice.
Love the flavour
I know this is not a healthy food but love it for cheat days! The flavour is so delicious! Perfect for movie nights! :)
Definitely bold taste, wouldn't get them all the time but alright
hot barbque chips
This chips are good if you like hot hot things. I prefer the orginal barbeque chips
They were good, but I prefer the original and would like stick to the original.
tres bon au gout mais un peu trop epicer pour moi pour manger ces chips nous devons aimer tous se qui a depicer
My middle child loves these! Not sure why lol but she does. She doesn't like to share them. Which is unusual lol
pretty good
The first time when I tried these were at a friends house, I usually like ruffles sour cream Nd onions or the all dressed The heat to the bbq chips gives It q nice kick not too spicy but tasty Goes good with coke
Flaming hot
These are very hot but tasty 😋 If you like spicy you will love these chips. Go great with a nice cold drink.
Tasty HOT BBQ chips
Ruffles in general make excellent chip flavours. This Flamin' Hot BBQ does not disappoint. Unlike other spicy flavours, the spiciness is not all you get. Even after eating several you can still very much taste the BBQ flavours which is why this makes them a favourite of mine.
Hot hot hot
These chips live up to their name they are flaming. Be sure to Keep a drink near. This product hurts ,but its a good hurt. Enjoy
Hot hot hot
Enjoyed these very much. Talk about hot, the actually made my mouth burn. I just loved them.

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