4.1 5 0 292 292 Intense flavour. Straight from the grill. The original grilled BBQ flavour you love intensified with delicious spice.
Ruffles® Flamin’ Hot® Bar B Q Potato Chips
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Love these they taste like regular ruffles bbq with an added kick of heat and a almost sweet taste perfect for a late night movie snack for someone that dosent mind spicy 🌶 lucky for me my kids won’t steal these ones 😂🔥
It was so hott. But we couldnt put it down the kids couldnt get enough of it
I found these chips very spicy, I prefer the regular BBQ kind. I would not get this kind again.
Big yes all the time for junk food especially Bar BQ chips. Ruffles chips are in my favourite, I tried all but this flavour is very tasty. Good hit at my Super Bowl party, always the first gone in the bowl. Fresh and good price.
I find these burned my mouth, I am sensitive to heat though so may not be the best tester. My husband loved them and he loves heat.
My husband doesn't mind these
My husband doesn't mind these ones. But he prefers the flaming hot cheddar.
it's okay
I prefer the original BBQ. The flavour isn't as good in these as they are in just BBQ. I liked the spice though.
Crunchy, but too sweet
I personally don't like the flavor. These are too sweet for me. I like my chips to be savory only.
So hot and so delicious!
These chips are HOT! I guess I had it in my head that these were going to just be another hot chip and that's it. Wow! Was I surprised! These chips had me looking for a glass of water to cool down my mouth. So hot and so delicious. I love em <3
tres bon, mais les enfants on moin aimé ça vu que c'est peu piquant
Love them!
I'm a huge fan of these as they have some nice heat behind them. Can't seem to get enough and of course just a limited time.
A very tasty chip flavour!
Unlike most of the "Flamin' Hot" flavours, this one doesn't leave your mouth feeling like it is on fire. It has a really nice subtle spicy flavour without overpowering the Bar B Q base flavour. Super tasty.
Delicious Flames!
The Ruffles and Cheetos branding with the flamin' hot series is amazing. Super tasty and not overly spicy. It's great for the snacky side of me. I can sit and literally eat a whole bag without even realizing it. Dangerous chip
I love this flavour, the first time i saw the bag of chips, i knew I had to get it. It is actually spicy and i love the bbq flavour. Its not your tradtional thought of what bbq taste like though. One of my guilty pleasures for movie night at home for sure, i really enjoy it
They were pretty good
They weren't as hot as other flamin hot products, but I enjoyed that about these ones, I didn't feel like I had to have a glass of milk after every bite!

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