4.1 5 0 292 292 Intense flavour. Straight from the grill. The original grilled BBQ flavour you love intensified with delicious spice.
Ruffles® Flamin’ Hot® Bar B Q Potato Chips
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Love it
Really good, a bit too salty but there’s the spice and flavour. Bought two bags last time.
the more i eat the less stars i wanted to give
First few bites, yum. Problem is i'm the type of person to binge on an entire bag. I'm a monster and the deeper i got into this bag the sicker i felt. Its best consumed if nibbled on here and there. Too much and like some of ruffles flavours you get grossed out and wanted to clean your mouth. the plain ruffles along with dip remain the best overall in my opinion.
Toujours super bon et croustillantes le goût est vraiment bon
Spicy and Tasty
Its Delicious! Always crispy, fresh, perfect with a meal and spice is good enough for me and texture and crunch is same as other ruffles chip type. Even my kids love it and they need some other stuff to dissolve the spice. Still I would recommend this product.
Love the hot but BBQ flavour is on the sweet side
My family and I love all things spicy and hot, so when these "flamin' hot" BBQ chips came out, we were really excited to try it. The hot is great, I also like the amount of flavour on the chip, but I find almost all the BBQ chips these days taste a little sweet. I wish they would make BBQ chips a little saltier and without the sweet (kind of like the old Humpty Dumpty BBQ back in the day, those were the best BBQ chips-both hot and spicy and salty, not sweet). We like Ruffles brand the best, of all the current chip brands out there in the market today. But every time a chip brand comes up with a new BBQ, it is sweet. I just wish they would make a BBQ flavour that was not sweet. This chip would be awesome if it was savoury/salt spiced BBQ without the hint of sweet to it.
If you like extreme hot spice then these are for you. But they are not BBQ chips... these are just HOT with the smell of BBQ. lol. As much as I did enjoy them... they are hard to eat enjoyably. You really cant have many more then a handful at a time. Maybe that's a good thing. If you like and can stand heat... then I reccomend.
Très épicé comme croustille. Belle couleur qui donne le goût d'y regouter.
plutôt piquant mais la texture est parfait et croquante. Beaucoup de goût
ooohh hot-hot-hot
These were good, especially for those who like spicy hot BBQ!! You almost need a 'cooling dip' to cool them off...
Absolutely Delicious
When I bought it, I was hesitant because of the word Bar B Q on it. I'm not a big fan of BBQ chips, but I do love hot and spicy foods. So, I caved and decided to give it a try. Yummy. Not at all like a regular BBQ chip. Much more full of flavour and spicy hot goodness that I crave. I'm addicted now.
I love them they're spicy enough and they have a good texture, they have a long lasting barbeque aroma, the only downside is that after a handful the flavour is a little single noted. Would recommend.
Flamin' Hot is right!
I love Ruffles regular Bar-B-Q chips so was excited to try these. Unfortunately, my heat tolerance was too low for these chips! My mouth was certainly on fire. So, I don't recommend them for someone with a low heat tolerance, but definitely recommend them for heat seekers!
Good at first
I enjoy spice and really liked the flavour until I was about 20 chips in and the intensity of heat was too much. Threw them out because I couldn’t think of having more.
Although many chips have the flaming hot flavour, this by far is my favourite, a strong flavour of BBQ that has a hint of smokiness and then the spiciness of the chip is eye opening but a pleasant burn. These are great chips. The heat might overwhelm some!
Loved the taste
I have never been a big BBQ fan but I tried these at someone’s house and I loved them! I do buy them often now. I love the spice of them.

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