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This is a great guacamole. It is my go to brand when I’m nit making from scratch. Yummy
Great Tasting
great tasting - I am not a fan of cilantro however, I could not taste it in this dip.
The open avacado
Full stars for this reveiw, the product gives more to the table than you would probably believe. My family introduced me to guacamole for my tacos and nachos as a kid, those simple foods can take a bit of time in preparation yet having packaged seasoning like this really speed up the time between making the food and consumption. The packaging is very vibrant and easy to spot in the refrigerated isle of a grocery store, the date of expiration tells you how long until the product turns bad compairing this to skinned avacado makes me think i will be buying this again.
really great
Very good and healthy. I eat with veggies and tacos. Will buy more.
I love this guacamole! The only thing is that it browns so fast ( like homemade) but good price at my local store and so addictive. I usually eat half the container with tortilla chips!
Absolutely delicious
Perfect for a mid day work snack, convient packagings and fresh tasting. Would recommend to a friend and purchase again
The best
This has always been my family’s go to for guacamole. When I lived at home my mom would never let me eat a container just on its own. Now that I’m an adult, I do what I want and eat the whole thing with a spoon.
This product is definitely worth the price. I really like the taste of it. I look forward to buying this again.
Very good fresh taste and texture. The price tends to be high so i always try to find it on sale.
I typically will make my own guacamole as I like being able to adjust the seasonings the way I prefer, but when in a pinch this is a great substitute. I liked that it was chunky, making it seem closer to the homemade version and the flavour was good.
I love the guacamole. I usually make my own but If I'm in a pinch, this is my go to store bought brand. It is delicious.
This is great when you need something on the go or can't find enough ripe avacodos at the store. Tastes good and convenient
I love guacamole, and I tend to always make my own, but if you are in a hurry this guacamole is super good
This is one of the best pre packaged guacamoles made. Very close to homemade !!
Produit d'une excellente qualité. L'assaisonnement est parfait. C'est naturel et ça répond bien à mes besoins.

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