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Schneiders® Lunch Mate + Fruit®
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easy to eat snack
Generally speaking I do not eat or buy processed meat but when I found this product on sale, it provided me with a great snack. When I am not well enough to make a nutritious meal this a great idea to have on hand. I would not recommend eating all the time, but now and again it is a great idea.
I know these are for kids but I take them in my lunch from time to time when they are on sale as I find them a bit to pricey. They make a quick, easy snack for busy days when you are short on time.
I find it a little bit pricey to be used on a regular basis
Lunch Mate products have always been a great quick go to for a fast lunch or a snack, I love how they added fruit to these. They are a little expensive, but the kids love them.
ma fille de 18 ans adore ces produit
The fruit is a welcome addition to any school lunch, but unfortunately the heavy cost and lack of substantial nutrients don`t add up to a pertinent purchase.
Too expensive for the type/quality of product you get inside.Better off buying the ingredients myself and making a home made version
trop cher pour ce que c`est !! 6 crackers qui se battent en duel avec quelques bouts de jambon pas bon remplis de nerf ce n`est pas nourrissant du tout.
I buy these once in awhile for a treat in the kids lunches. I find them very expensive and love the fruit idea. Although I only buy them on sale. Would like to see coupons on these. I would buy more often.
Not an everyday lunch, but nice every once in a while. My boys liked them.
aside from the squared cheese and not being able to put it on the cracker with the meat like the other lunch mates without the fruit, these are good. it`s nice to have a side of fruit with it. It is a bit pricey for the size of it. but they are good to have when short on time for getting something quick together for your kids.
J`ai acheté ce produit récemment et je n`ai pas aimé. Meilleur rapport/qualité prix lorsqu`on fait le tout soi-même.
ma fille elle a pas aimé! je mets juste ceux sans fruits pour les diner a l`école
Love this product now that fruit has been added. Great for when you don`t have time to pack a fresh lunch, portion size is appropriate to satisfy until time for afterschool snack.
My son loves these. I absolutely love the fact that there is fruit in them and not candy... But a little disappointed in the cheese and was a tad expensive...but if you have coupons makes it a little easier on the pocket book.

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