Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Repair™ Shampoo

4.5 5 0 144 144 Don’t cut your hair, choose repair. With Gliss Ultimate Repair, get restored hair that’s up to 90% stronger and shinier. Damaged hair loses Keratin resulting in a severely weakened hair structure.
Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Repair™ Shampoo


Amazing shampoo
I tried various shampoo and conditioner in the past but had severe hairfall problem. When I tried this one, the hairfall problem got reduced. Also, the hair quality has improved a lot.
I like it.
I received this free to try and loved it. I ended up only buying this for about a year. Great product and product line at affordable prices. Works well with long hair.
No repair
Nice smell and cleans your hair, but I didn’t find my hair repaired or any smoother. Probably wouldn’t buy it again.
Glass is bliss
This is a great product. You can notice the difference in you hair after just the first use. My hair feels and looks fresher longer. Works great on long thick hair. My daughter also loved this. She found it made her hair easier to manage (she was 7)
Glossy Hair
This product leaves my hair very shiny (glossy). I really like the results and it smells good too!
Does a very good job. Smells heavenly. Leaves the hair squeaky clean. Does not feel heavy.
Removes built up residue in your hair leaving it silky smooth, great product for daily or Monthly use
Especially for a better branded hair product the price is reasonable. does not leave the hair too greasy. with the price may not be perfect for day to day use but for switching up your product it is good.
My current favourite shampoo
This is one of the best shampoos out there and my current favourite. It works great with the conditioner and together has helped restore my damaged hair. I love how healthy it feels after every wash. It leaves my hair looking silky and beautiful with a great shining result.
Gliss Bliss
I received a sample from work and I've been hooked ever since. It leaves my hair soft and helps to control the frizz. The scent is also pleasant but not overpowering. I have encouraged friends to try it too.
My favourite drugstore shampoo/conditioner
I've been buying this since September 2017 and will continue to buy this until they stop making it. Huge fan of Schwartzkopf hair care (been around in Europe for a very long time)I really love it makes my coloured/bleached/heat styled hair feel amazing
Good shampoo
I tried this shampoo it is good and has a good smell , keeps the hair clean , doesn't dry the hair but keeps it smooth. Most of the hair salons recommend this brand's product and i second
Need to buy this!
LOVE this product. I have very dry and damaged hair and this product honestly left my hair feeling so much smoother and softer. But more importantly with almost no visible frizz! which I love and very much needed! So I greatly recommend
Nice smell, good consistency
Though I have tried this I haven't tried it for enough consecutive days to be able to review the longterm hair effects. I have tried this while staying over with a friend and in my experience it leaves hair smelling good and feeling smooth.
I love this shampoo so much
This has to be in my top shampoos. I am obsessed. I first found out about it from those back to school kits from Shoppers Drugmart. This bottle will last you months! It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth. I have oily hair and this makes it feel super nice and lightweight. I have recommended this to a friend and she also fell in love with this.

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