4 5 0 175 175 Salt-Infusion Waving Spray.
Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Trippin'
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Didn't work
I have thin hair so I have problems getting my hair to go curly without it being crunchy due to too much products so I tried this. I tried it with a few different techniques and none of them worked for me.
Really wavey hair!
I really like this product because it allowed me to spray my hair and wave it gently with the blow dryer at the same time. except you have to be careful that you don't use too much of the product of your hair becomes a big gooey. It is an excellent product for waving your hair naturally as you scrunch it with your blow dryer.
Worked for me
I loved this product. The bottle it comes in is adorable, looks very trendy. Smells incredible!! I felt like it had the desired effects on my hair, giving it more texture and boosted my roots but it didn’t have the stiff as a board effect that so many beach sprays tend to. I felt like I had more control over the amount of hold which is great
Left my hair dried out and Too crunchy
I totally get the sea salt gives you that firm beachhead wave and that was expected but I was disappointed to notice how dry and tangled my hair felt. The product did the job in terms of Creating waves but needs to improve on flexibility and body
when I use this product I notice a little more texture to my hair, making it easier to hold a style, but not a lot of good for helping with waves.
Perfect for the beach hair look. Only downside is the tangled hair and the smell isn't the greatest.
Not only does this smell great but it really does work. I have super thin hair and everything eights it down but this didn't. It's so light. Makes the hair a little Crunchy but works great.
It's ok. I wouldn't buy it again but I'm going to use it until it's done. I found it doesnt do much to naturally straight hair except make it look kinda messy, not beachy. Might be better for curly hair!
Love this stuff! It makes your hair soft and smooth. I love the got2be line. I use the got2be kinky line all the time.
loved it ..didn't make my hair sticky or heavy..we recommend to friends
I love this product. I usually buy several at a time to ensure I don't run out! I initially bought it when I was wearing my hair curly and it made a huge difference in manageability. I have since moved to the Canadian North where the air is dryer so my curls are difficult to maintain. So I tried this product while straitening my hair and it helps give it the texture it needs to keep it from falling flat. Did I say I love this product? I do......I absolutely love this product.
I absolutely love this product. I rub down my hair, spritz this in then wrap it in a towel for a few more minutes. It gets rid of the frizz and gives me amazing beach waves and curls without all the effort.
This has been one of my go to products for the summer! Get effortless, heat-less mermaid style waves in minutes without your hair getting weighted down or crunchy. This product also lightly scented. I always get lots of compliments on my hair when I use this product.
Tried this last week and it is a better product than most, The other similar products left my hair feeling dirty.
I love this product for the summer.Having a busy day just spritz in and go.No need to even dry hair and it always looks good.Thabk you

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