3.9 5 0 167 167 It goes on clear and dry, offers superior odor protection, and contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no dyes.
Secret® Aluminum Free Deodorant Daylily
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Works well
My daughter loves the smell and it dries quickly. Good value for price.
Not for me
I really didn’t care for this product. I didn’t like the way it felt going on and it always left residue on my clothes. I have not repurchased this product and would not suggest it based on my experience however everyone has different preferences and some may enjoy it.
Did not like the smell
I loved that it is aluminum free. What I did not like was the smell. It was strong and not a pleasant smell to me at all . My daughter who is 15 also did not like the smell
Not impressed with the performance
I have always been looking for aluminum free deodorants and was very happy to find this one however I was not really impressed with the performance of deodorant itself. It would be effective for only few hours.
Great for night time
I love this deodorant for night time. I love that it is aluminum free. The only thing is, I have a very active job and I need a deodorant that offers more protection.
Secret is always a reliable option. Gentle on sensitive skin, and has a great variety of gentle scents. No concerns about ever being being smelly. Not sure if I could tell the different between this and regular secret, but works just as well!
aluminum free deodorant
I was happy to try an aluminum free deodorant but was very disappointed in the performance! It did not work very well .. I did read somewhere that you needed to apply aluminum free deodorant the night before for it to work properly and I did find that with constant use it did improve slightly. Definitely worth trying that method...
Love the fact that it does not contains aluminum
I would always get the honeydew scent and it smelled so good but I decided to stop using this deodorant after I realized that it would not block odors. This does not contain aluminum which I loved the idea of but for the summertime I would definitely not recommend maybe during fall and winter. Was very gel like and took a while to dry after applying
Natural deodorant
I didn’t like this too much because it felt too wet on my underarm when I put it on. It made me feel uncomfortable although I liked that fact it was aluminum free.
Secret Aluminum Free
I am trying this brand right now and don't have a problem with it .
Secret aluminum free deodorant daylily
Did deodorant it went on dry it had a fabulous fragrance I would recommend this deodorant too many of my friends it was priced fairly fairly good and it was aluminum free I found it to be another one of my favourite deodorants to use I would highly recommend it and unfortunately I do not have any in the house either no I have to go out and buy some of that too
Ne tiens pas la journée entière
Je n'ai pas aimer. Na pas une tenue longue durée pour ma part. J'ai encore le tube que je n'ai pas terminer dans ma trousse.
My favourite
Secret is my favourite brand when it comes to antiperspirants and deodorants. They all have a nice light scent, do not irritate my sensitive skin and do their job of keeping me fresh smelling and dry. I would recommend this product to a friend.
Okay if you don't sweat so much
Love the fact that it's aluminum free but i had to put some on more than once a day. It was great for my 12 year old who doesn't sweat so much.
Loved it, but...
I will say that when I got this deodorant, it was because it was basically a aluminium-free alternative to some of the heavier duty stuff that I'm used to, but honestly, it's not very long lasting. I give it 4 thumbs up for smelling great and being good for your body but 1 sincere thumbs down for only lasting a couple of hours and it's definitelt light duty. I will NOT put this on on my way to the gym. But for a regular day at the office or at home when you have no plans to actually sweat? Yep! This is the one for me!

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