4 5 0 142 142 It goes on clear and dry, offers superior odor protection, and contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no dyes.
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Good for teens
I bought it for my 11 year old kid since I wanted something wihtout too much chemicals. It was okay but the downside is that, it doesn't stay long. But I still recommend it for teenagers to avoid all those rash chemicals.
Very short-lived.
Works for a couple hours, then you're sweating and stinking. Given that it costs more than the regular stuff, it's not an economical option. I was disappointed; I'd gotten excited for an aluminum free product to use.
Wasn't what I hoped.
I was excited to try this, being aluminum free! Using it, I sweat like crazy and I also stank pretty bad. More than I ever do when I'm not using any deodorant/antiperspirant at all! Too bad. I use Secret deodorant daily though, just a different kind.
Effective but very pricey
This deodorant is pretty average. It works well enough. It costs twice as much as the normal Secret deodorant however it functions the exact same. If having an aluminum-free deodorant is very important to you, then this is a great product. For me, I will not buy again due to the price.
Terrible Scent Didn't like it at all !!
I love trying new things so i got this secret Aluminum free melon scent in the mail. It smelled terrible i tried it for a couple days and it was sticky and didn't even stay on. I smelled bo still after a few hours and didn't keep me dry at all sorry secret i won't be purchasing this at all .
Has you covered
I was very impressed with this product. I like the fact that is has no aluminum, parabens or dyes. I goes on easily and is dry to the touch and it stays on all day. It has a wonderful light smell and It does not stain my clothes which is a plus.
100% sold
I have tried so many “natural” deodorants only to be 100% disappointed when they stain my clothes or don’t pass the “smell test”. I am so in love with this deodorant and have made the switch.
The scent I received is some melon scent. Smells horrible. It doesn’t work for me at all. My pits were smelling and when re applied smelled in less than 2 hours. Had to purchase a new brand. This was sent to me as a free trial. Will not be purchasing. I have never had issues with a deodorant before
Works good, and aluminum free
The main reason for trying this product was because it is aluminum free. The product works well, kept me dry and smelling fresh underarm. I also like that it doesn’t leave marks on my black tops. I did find it very stick/wet for the first 20 min or so, which I didn’t really like. But it works well and is aluminum free, so I will probably buy it again and would recommend it too.
aluminum free deodorant
I finally found a deorant that is aluminum free and smells good, It goes on sticky but the armpits absorb the stuff and keeps me bo free all day
Only so so
It doesn't work the best. My underarms were quite sticky and not very fresh.
Not a Fan
I found this to be very sticky when put on however after about a half hour it either absorbed in or was rubbed into my shirt. Also did not find it to be a very effective deodorant
As good as any Secret antiperspirant
I got this and was skept I called but at the same time had high hopes. I have been a loyal secret entipersperant for over 20 years. I will not use any other brand. I also never use deodorants, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I love this. It keeps me from getting odour as well as my secret gel antiperspirant. I would wholeheartedly recomend this to anyone.
I wanted to like it
I wanted to like this so much because I don’t like all the nasty things in antiperspirant, but it makes my skin so unhappy. I do have very sensitive skin, so it may work better for others, however, it burns my skin after a few uses. I now have bright pink, unsightly circles under my arms that feel like chemical burns.
Secret never disappoints
I have been using Secret for years and they rarely, if ever, disappoint. This product went on smooth, did not have an overwhelming scent and provided adequate protection in the sweltering heat.

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