Secret® Aluminum Free Deodorant Daylily

3.9 5 0 243 243 It goes on clear and dry, offers superior odor protection, and contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no dyes.
Secret® Aluminum Free Deodorant Daylily


Good product
Has a nice scent and does the job. Does not feel sticky and slides easily on the skin. I would recommend.
Okay I guess
I bought this one day because my regular product was no where to be found. It smells okay, it works okay but the texture of this product was not for me. If you like the gel then this could be for you though.
Not for me
Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant Daylily smells lovely but it does less than zero for me. I find it doesn’t dry down at all feels very wet underneath the armpits and unfortunately for my body chemistry does not help in the freshness department. I can see where somebody who is allergic to aluminum would love this because it does smell lovely I just feel that the application is not for me.
Love that this is aluminum free. Feels safer using it. Love the nice, light scents. Feels fresh and goes on smooth. well protected during the day. Would recommend this.
Dry and smelling good for the summer!
First thing I noticed about my Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant, Daylily is the fresh wonderful smell. I have been using the original Secret for years but then I stopped. I am happy to be able to use it again with their brand new formula. I love that it gives you 48 hours of protection and with this heat we are currently having that is very important. I am a fan of the product as it is a cruelty free item which I am very much a supporter of. I have sensitive skin so this product meets my need by being paraben and aluminum free. Being dermatologist recommended is also a big plus for me. I will go back to using Secret products again.
Nice fragrance
Good product nice fragrance it doesn’t stain your clothes, it would be nice that dry more faster. What I love the most is the light fragrance, is not super strong is very mild.
Excellent product
It really works in every condition, even when you work hard in the gym, and aluminum free, that is a very important for me.
good product
does the job. if you did use the old one with aluminum before you will notice sweating a bit more. But it worth it.
Goes on easily and performs as expected. Simple, clean, efficient. All you need.
Déodorant Secret sans aluminium sans colorant et clair
Je me suis procuré ce déodorant car au départ je ne voulais pas de trace blanche sous mes aisselles , l'odeur est sublime . Oui la formule anti odeur a bien fonctionné . Je le recommanderai à toute les femmes qui veulent se sentir protégé de la transpiration sans laisser de traces dans leurs vêtements . J'ai tellement aimé celui ci que j'ai acheté un autre déodorant Secret avec un parfum différent .
I used this product
I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and I wanted to try a product that does not have aluminum. I started using this product and I was very impressed, this product is very effective and it works. I am cancer free and still using this product and really like it.
This is deodrant and so it won't stop sweating.but still its a great product and smells calm.I use it daily.
C'est un déodorant comme les autres il n'est pas plus ,ou moin efficace qu'un autre déodorant ordinaire.
Finally a deodorant that isnt combined with an antiperspirant, doesnt have aluminium , and other icky stuff AND actually works! Lovely light scent, works well in hot weather too!
Désodorisant sans aluminium Secret
C’est le premier déodorant sans aluminium que j’essaie et qui me satisfait pleinement! Il a une bonne et douce odeur et il ne me fait pas développer de mauvaises odeurs corporelles.

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