4.3 5 0 113 113 It goes on clear and dry, offers superior odor protection, and contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no dyes.
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Not a good product
I received this product to try and review, i did not like this product as it did not last long and left a residue on my clothes. Had to reapply up to 3 times a day, Threw it out not even 1/2 way finished,
jai aime mais sans plus équivalent a mon deodo habituel et il coûte plus cher que ma marque habituel
Jai plus où moins aimé
Je n'ai pas très aimé. J'aime mieux ma marque habituelle, il est efficace mais sans plus. Et l'odeur je ne l'aime pas vraiment.
Overall nice q
Leaves a bit of residue on my clothes but smell control and product effectiveness is on point
Très bon produit
Le déodorant est tout à fait excellent. Ma fille a aussi essayé ce produit et elle aussi a l'a trouvé très efficace. L'odeur est pas trop forte et il est très efficace très longtemps.
Goes on very nicely and holds up all day protection!
I have used this once. It is not my regular choice but was not disappointed. I would use it again but not on really hot days. I don't perspire lots but on a super jot day I want a bit more protection. Would recommend for regular use
Un produit très efficace, en pleine chaleur je l ai testé amplement.....
Aluminum free deodorant
Not my favourite all natural deodorant but not the worst either. I’ve been trying it out for a few weeks now, it’s fine if ur staying home but if ur doing any sports or going to the gym I definitely wouldn’t recommend.
Highly Recommended
Sweat gland problems under arms. Very few deodorants work, this one was great.
Works wonders
I absolutely love how well this product works...recommmend 100%
Good for people with allergies
I easily get allergy symptoms with deodorants but I'm totally fine with this one.
Great over all
Love the scent.also I can not tolerate any allumium.so it's hard to find a product that I like and works.will purchase this product again and will recommend it !!!!
It goes on smooth, has a nice scent and I don't have to worry about having a metallic reaction on my skin.
i loved this product
n est pas irritant,ne fait pas de petit bouton sous les aisselles, je l utilise meme sous mes pieds, et mes souliers ne sentent plus mauvais. it is not irritating, does not make a little pimple under the armpits, I use it even under my feet, and my shoes do not smell any worse.

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