Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant Stress Response

4.7 5 0 173 173 Never let them see you sweat! Formulated with skin care ingredients and provitamin B5, Secret Clinical Strength + provitamin B5 combines Secret's clinically proven sweat protection technology with skin-soothing conditioners that care for your skin. With 3X more sweat protection* *vs. what’s required of an ordinary antiperspirant • Clinical strength sweat protection + provitamin B5 • Formulated with skin care ingredients and provitamin B5 • 3X more sweat protection* *vs. what’s required of an ordinary antiperspirant • Designed with female dermatologists • Certified Cruelty-Free by PETA • #1 selling clinical antiperspirant brand
Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant Stress Response


Life Saver
This product saved me when nothing else would work! Keeps me dry and fresh, while not having an overpowering scent. My one complaint is that there is too much space between where the product is released and the holes it comes out of. The product gets stuck in there and I feel like some gets wasted.
The only one that works
Love the function of this product. It is the only one for me that reduces moisture and odor. Nice light fragrance. Volume could be a little larger.
Long lasting results
I recently received this free to try and was overall impressed. It has a nice light scent and provides long lasting results! I'd definitely try it again!
Works great
Have tried this product and it works very well. Especially for those of us who are dealing with menopause sweats.
Only deodorant I use now
Wonderful product at a reasonable price. I don't have much of a problem with perspiration but due to my diet I can have odour issues. Secret Clinical Strength (the one with charcoal) has completely cured me of that issue and I can't imagine using anything else. Easy enough to put on at bedtime and with a pleasant scent, I'm so glad I found this!
Secret antipersperent
No buildup or stickiness. Long lasting. Feels good. I have used Secret antiperspirant for many years
Got you covered
To be honest this is not my usual brand that brand was out so I got this and to my surprise it covers and protects you completely refreshing light weight does the job very impressed
Effective but not clean
This works, however the ingredients aren't very clean if that is something that is important to you. Lasts all day, very strong scent that sensitive people may not like as much.
I tried the secret antiperspirant and found to be excellent .No stains on your clothing. Only need it twice a day.
Best deodorant
This deodorant is excellent, I’ve repurchased multiple times! This truly last for 48h , I don’t feel the need to apply excessively like other products and has never caused any irritation.
Stress Tested
Passed my stress test with flying colors! Walked away feeling fresh.
Go to for reliability!
Always been my go to brand tho I still can sweat through on those hot hot bare-armed days.Please bring back the night time lavender as that and the unscented are all I can stand the smell of!I have tried many brands but this is hands down the best!!
Great Product
As someone who naturuallt sweats excessively im always hunting for a truely excellent deoderant. This deoderant is one! I find the price point a bit on the high aude but 8t is an excellent products that works the way you want it too.
love love love this product. been using for quite some time and have never had an issue with sweaty armpits or smelly. And trust me I am warm and sweaty any time i am at work or even just having a leasurly day. There is no strong scent to bother my sinus issues and no stink after an 8 hour day of sweating. A+ from me
Great product but overwhelming smell
This product worked as it should, I had no problems with odour protection, but I couldn't get over the smell. It was a very strong citrusy flower scent( which was generally nice) but it actually over powered my perfume. I couldn't mix the two. While I finished the stick, I have not purchased another due to the scent. Where I live there have only been 2 different scents available, and I dont see an unscented version. If there was one for purchase I would purchase again.

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