4.4 5 0 29 29 The Secret Freshie is a small, discreet, portable antiperspirant and deodorant designed specifically for your on-the-go lifestyle.
Secret Freshies Indivisible Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant
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Weird application
It does keep you from smelling bad, but it applies so odd and weird. Not the actual product but holding a round ball and using it feels all super weird and I just don’t like it
Cool Product
This is a really cool product. It reminded me of the circle lip balm. I carry it in my purse and a back up in my car. It really is a cute "maybe" product that is great for a potential emergency. It smells amazing.
A secret antiperspirant chapstick!!
Good for a backup in your bag. Nice to have extra. Gets on your fingers during application. Round shape
Secret underarm ball
I like it. It does work but for me the most important thing about was I can discretely carry it in my purse! If I need a 'freshen' up, it very quick and convinence
Perfect size for the purse. Scents are great, nice to have backup if needed.
Convenient, but awkward to apply.
I keep one of these in my purse, and it has saved me from being a stinky mess on a couple of occasions. However, I find it challenging to apply without getting some on my hands. Great scents available and reasonable price. Would buy again, just would not use every day. 🙃
Fresh on the go
This is the best idea ever! Small enough to fit in a purse but strong enough to keep a busy mom fresh on the go! Love this!
So cute! So discrete!
I saw this product in the store when looking for deodorant for a trip I was going on. I was going to purchase a travel sized deodorant but didn't care for the price due to the size of product. I continued to make my way through the aisle and spotted this! At first, I thought it was a lip gloss from the shape of it, but looked closer and saw it was deodorant! The unique and discrete packaging is what sold me. You can take it anywhere with you, it looks cute and it won't be noticeable. I like the scent of the product and will be buying it again for any upcoming trips I have.
Great for on the go
Not only does this work fantastic but it has a pleasant scent and great for throwing in your purse for emergency situations. Love it!
Perfect for a busy nurse and student
Graduate school and working overnight on-call or a six am shift I sometimes forget to put on deodorant. Life happens! This little gem is tucked into my work bag. It’s a perfect size and smells absolutely divine. Worth a buy from anyone on the go including gym bags, diaper bags, school back packs.
Love how it fits in purse. Nice shape as well. Wish the scent was softer.
Amazing Product
I purchased this product, I am the kind of person that is attracted to different kinds of packaging. I am so happy this time that I grabbed it, I absolutely Love 💕 the way this antiperspirant went on and love the scent, the shape is so cool and modern. This is my new go to Antiperspirant/Deodorant. Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love ❤️
Daughter loves it, great for gym bag, smells nice.
Nice fresh scent and the kids love it cause they can throw it in their bag cause its small and compact size!
very good
I have been using this deodorant for almost 1 years. I love it. It lives my skin very soft, dry and doesn't live bad smell.

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