4.2 5 0 218 218 Secret Outlast, with Xtend technology, gives you 48-hour odour protection that never stops.
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Long lasting but has residue
Several years ago I switched to a gel based deodorant because I wanted to have a product that wasn't visible if I wore sleeveless clothing. I found Secret to be the best brand for me and it lasted all day. I did notice that if I had a bit too much on or if I didn't let it dry completely that it would flake and crack under my arms and leave a slight residue.
Only Deodorant I use
This is the only deodorant I use. I used to be able to use any kind, and then randomly developed an allergy. This is the only deodorant that doesn't make me itchy. It lasts a long time, and it smells great! I've been using it for a few years now.
Secret anti perspirant
I tried this product and it didn't do much for me. I use another anti perspirant now.
C'est bien!
Le produit sent bon et fait son travail. Mais quand on l'ouvre, on doit tourner plusieurs fois avant que le produit sorte ce qui fait en sorte que le flacon est rendu à moitié vide.
Great Results
I do not trust my armpit sto just anyone. With Secret I do not doubt that it will keep me dry and smelling great throughout the day. It does not wipe onto my clothes and even after a long day - I am still fresh.
Never let's me down
Secret is my go-to brand for over 20 years. I love the gel formula, it is never sticky, never irritates and it dries down quickly. I am always confident when I wear it, and it is my favourite Secret item.
Secret does not disappoint
I've always liked Secret. I was hesitant to purchase this product because of unsatisfactory past experience with clear gel deodorants. I figured since it's Secret and they usually do deodorant right, I'd give it a try. And I was not disappointed. It went on smooth, the applicator didn't clump, my armpits were not left with a white coating, the scent wasn't overwhelming and it provided more than sufficient protection even in the incredible heat we received this summer. I will be purchasing this product again.
No more white marks!
This is the first clear deodorant I've tried, and I am impressed! I hated leaving white marks on my clothes, so this was the perfect solution to my problem! It goes on clear, dries quickly and is very good art preventing odour!
Best for sweat!
Another winner from Secret! Between working out, running after kids and working fulltime as an acute care nurse this stuff last all day no matter what I'm doing. It also smells great!
A Buy Again!
This product is as good as advertised, many aren't - I like the longer coverage time too, It is a winner with me.
Refreshing and dry
This product was surprisingly satisfactory. I’m not used to using gel type antiperspirant but this one did not leave me feeling wet after applying and ensured an all day comfort with great protection.
Secret, je l'adore
très on produit, je reste au sec, invisible, ne laisse pas de cerne, je l'aime beaucoup et mon mari l’utilise aussi
Works well!
Secret, works very well. I love the svents they have to choose from. I usually buy this brand as it work for ne. Keeps me dry, has 48 hour protection. Fights odors. Highly recommend.
"Cool & Dry"
Have used this product many times. I find it to be effective and cool. Yeah, Secret!
A ried & true product
I've been using secret for 35 years I've enjoyed the different scents over the years but most of all I've enjoyed the protection it offers.

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