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Secret Outlast Deodorant
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No residue, feels light not sticky. Great protection.
one of best deo
only use this deodorant. smells great and does last the product a long time. i usually apply twice a day to be extra secure. but will not leave stains.
Fresh for hours!
It smells great and lasts for hours and hours no matter what I'm doing!
I like this deodorant, it keeps me fresh and clean even during hot summer days. I often find two packs bundles for a good price. It doesn't stain my clothes and it has a nice fresh scent.
I picked this up when it was on sale and I thought it was great. I have never been a fan on gel deodorants before but this dries quickly and left zero residue on my black clothing. I have started a new work out and pushed myself to really see if this works and it was amazing! I'm not a fan of this particular scent but they have unscented so I will definitely be buying this product again and again!
Just began using this deodorant and have really been liking it. Scent is not too strong. Lasts all day, does not mark clothes and feels great on my skin. Highly recommend!
I like very much Secret Outlast Deodorant, for the sensation that leaves in my skin of freshness, freshing and freedom, besides that it has a delicate aroma that gives me a personal touch, it does not stain the clothes and it lasts to me all day, Highly recommend it.
I have been using this deodorant brand for about a year now. It is quite good and stays for a while. Not sure if it lasts for 48 hours though. The scent smells amazing and it's good for all seasons.
Secret Outlast is the only deodorant I use now. No white marks on my clothes. Dries incredibly fast. Gives odour protection all day.
I have been using Secret for years now and I have used all their products. I am using this one right now and really like it.
I really like this product. It works great! Will buy all the time now!
It works where others have failed. Some days I can even skip a day.
This is a great product, has a nice, mild, not overpowering fragrance, and it dries quickly without any residue. Really keeps me feeling dry and fresh all day long!
I hated this product. I got the unscented which its actually not. Read the back. It scented then they add scent blockers. Wt*? I didn't like the feel of it. I found it ineffective. I threw it out after 1 use.
Saw these on sale so I figured I would try it out. I really like the smell of it, very strong at the start but balances out. No clumps, no marks on my clothing. So far so good. Lasts all day too.

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