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Just okay and smells strong
I used this for a while but I still sweat through it. I also wasn't the biggest fan of the scent. The good thing with this is that it didn't leave any stains. I wouldn't recommend this if you are a heavy sweater.
great for freshness
I have used so many different types of products and this is a great go to. It leaves me feeling fresh and doesn't not leave white marks on my clothes.
My daily go-to deodorant
This deodorant is my daily go-to deodorant that actually works! I work in a fast paced fast food restaurant and need something that will outlast my day with all of the running around and sweating that I do, and this holds up to my needs unlike any other deodorant that I've tried. If you want something you won't have to worry about all day, I highly recommend this!
Excellent product and smells GREAT! I noticed because I sweat a bit more than others I went to reapply and didn't have to put much more on.
Powerful confidence
Easy to apply with no drying time required, this has become my favorite antiperspirant. I feel confident not only that this product won't be leaving wet stains on my clothing but it also keeps me dry during hot dinner days.
so fresh and so clean
This excellent deodorant product leaves you feeling completely dry and so fresh and so clean. You couldn't ask for a better deal to product it has a refreshing fragrance line and no etching or scratching feeling Just Pure goodness I would definitely recommend this product to my closest friends and family.
Works well
This product works very well, i have not complained and it stays on good,
This does not leave pit stains and it lasts long. I would highly recommend this.
Not for sensitive skin! Secret Outlast Antiperspirant/deodorant made my skin itch so badly it was insane. Mind you, it works really well, I don't think I perspired for 3 days after washing it off. If you don't have sensitive skin, this could be for you!
Delicate scent, strong protection, reasonably priced. No residue, too!
I put this to the test. Was renovating around the house over a weekend and didn't shower for 2 days. I was still feeling protected and not sweaty. I think I will be buying Secret Outlast more often.
I like this product very much. I had to use the clinical strength versions of antiperspirants because anything less was ineffective for me but I was very surprised to find that Secret Outlast Xtend Antiperspirant is as effective for me as the clinical strength stuff. This is the product I use every time now because it works well and doesn't cost a fortune.
my current favourite deodorant. it smells light but helps you smell awesome!!
This is truly invisible and lasts. I have always had to reapply during the day as other products effectiveness would wear off, not with this one though.
It is a good product but I find that the container does not last long. It glides on nicely but wish there was more in the container.

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