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So light
They taste great. It’s a perfect snack, light and tasty. Eveyone in my household love these from kids to adults!
Veggie sticks
Wasn't really sure on the taste of these, not a big fan 🙁 but for a healthier snack it's not too bad 😁
My kids and myself love these, they are a daily staple in our house, not a lot of nutrition but works great as an alternative to other chips
Interesting snack
Crunchy. Tasty. They are a bit too salty. They cost a little more than regular chips but not much. I wouldn't consider them a healthy choice, they are probably no better or worse than regular chips. Easy to find in just about any grocery store
Ilove these chips, theyrre so god and have a really yummy taste to them and theyre really addicting
Not what I was expecting.
The product it self is ok, but not far enough different from regular snacking foods for me. I was looking and hoping for something more like a dehydrated veggie stick. These reminded me of a cheesy stick. I think the packaging mislead me, and for that reason I was disappointed with my snacking experience with this product.
Watch for milk with ranch flavour
We enjoy the regular veggie straws but stay clear of the zesty ranch flavoured ones for our family. They have powder on them for flavour that has milk powder in it. So as an allergen aware family we were caught with this one time.
So so
Not the best veggie chip out there but you can find it almost every convenience store for a normal price
FAVE guilt free snack!
These are AWESOME! Perfect for kids lunches, and an awesome snack for adults too!! My kids ( LIKE ME) love crispy chips to snack on, these hit the spot! Awesome flavor and easy to pack!
Better than one thinks.
These crunchy , fresh ,crisp and colourful snacks we're Surprisingly very good . I would highly recommend them to everyone that is looking for something new to snack on late nights without all the guilt.
pleasant crunch
I liked the crunchiness of this product, specially as an alternative to potato chips. I didn't find much variation in the taste, would have liked that..
Great Snack
Love that these are a healthier snack. Most are high fat,sugar and or sodium. These are less than all the brands we have tried
They are good!
They are good but they taste only of potatoes. I think the tomato and spinach are very subtle. Also they are salty and a bit dry. I think if there was an increase in the taste of tomatoes and spinach as well as a decrease in salt, they would be just perfect.
Love it
A nice break from the everyday snacks. Would recommend this to my friends.
Interesting snack
I like to buy these as a snack often and they are unique veggies but shaped like straws I have buying these for a few year now and they are great for everyone Kids adults and everyone

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