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Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws™
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Good Choice
A great snack to reach for as an alternative to potato chips. However I find they are a little bit salty but I can't help finishing the bag.
My son love this chips a lot like a snack I can give him afternoon love to eat this thing and at night when he want to go to watch some cartoon
Love this but they're not healthy
I love this brand because the snacks they make are quite tasty, but don't kid yourself that these veggie straws are any healthier than potato chips because they're literally fried potatoes with some vegetable powder mixed in for flavour. Again, I'll reach for these any day as I love the taste, but the advertising is a little deceptive (the serving sizes are tiny and each straw is mostly air so you can eat more individual straws than potato chips before you reach the same amount of grams) and clearly many people have been fooled. My only complaint is that these are so salty I can't eat many at once (which granted isn't the worst thing in the world but it can give me blisters from the salt)
Great for kids
It’s a great sub for regular chips, takes away the guilt. The kids love it for snacks. You can really taste the vegetables in each flavour!
Love these
Buy these all the time. I don’t feel so guilty when I eat these
so healthy
sometimes when choosing a snack you wanna out for a healthier option. This is my go to. It tastes as delicious as those artificial one chips, which you can rarely find in healthy snacks
These are a favourite in my household. They are a healthy salty snack that provide a little hint of veggie flavour. I like the portion size keeps snacking in control.
I don't know what it is about these but they are just so good! They help when I am craving potato chips, I used to eat regular chips a lot and kept breaking out but with these I can eat them and not feel bad about eating them or break out, Plus I find the flavor of these better and you don't get that gross oily taste or mess all over your hands as you would with regular chips. I would recommend these to anyone even my little sister loves them too! They are great for snacks and lunches. You can even get them in small portioned bags to make it easier. 8/10
Ces croustilles sont bien meilleures pour la santé que d'autres croustilles de ce genre, mais elles sont un peu trop salées. Je recommande ces croustilles car en plus de leur goût unique, elles contiennent un faible taux de gras. Finalement. ces croustilles aux légumes ne contiennent pas d'additifs et peu de sucre.
So Good
I found these at my local grocery store a few months ago and I wanted a healthier snack option so I bought them. I was not disappointed. I always get the Ranch flavor because I find they have a fresh flavor and taste so good. These have now become a staple in my home and a weekly purchase.
Crunchy veggie snack
Veggie straws are nice snack to have with the family. I like that they incorporate veggies and are gluten free. Plus, they taste great. It would be neat to see additional flavors. Overall, they are a product I will definitely buy again.
nope, not for me. They are dry, bland and tasteless. There is no distinction from one flavour "straw" to the next. The only saving grace is the ADDED flavour. … I had high hopes for this product, figuring that the veggies would make a great healthy snack. But the texture is very off-putting. I am not sure even what to compare them to. ….. Not even on sale would I waste my money on this product. …. The term below from one tester of "Styrofoam" is very accurate.
Like delicious styrofoam
I love these in all of their flavours, although I think the ranch and the rosemary are the best. They are super weird, like crunching sticks of crisp styrofoam, but the flavour is good and they are so low in calories that they're a much better option for binge snacking than regular chips.
I love these as a snack. Especially with dip. They are so tasty and I could eat the whole bag during a movie lol. My little sisters even prefer these over chips. I buy these quite often.
Addictive crunch
These have an addictive crunch to them so it's easy to eat A LOT of them in one sitting. The flavour is a little... unidentifiable and I suppose "veggie" although the flavour is not where these shine. I'm honestly a little on the fence about these, because although I enjoy eating them, it's not because they're delicious. I'm not sure if they actually are much healthier than chips, but they are unique.

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