4.5 5 0 120 120 From the #1 recommended brand for sensitive teeth*, new Sensodyne Mouthwash is formulated to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth when used twice daily, following brushing. It freshens breath while the fluoride strengthens teeth and fights cavities.
Sensodyne® Cool Mint Mouthwash
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So my teeth can be a little sensitive, and this wash does make the pain go away after each usage, and leave me feeling clean and fresh breathed as well. This is my go to mouth wash
That's a very good product
This is recommended by the dentist. if less color may be fine. But which is very worked. Also my family use it everyday. If the price adjust to lower a bit that is perfect.
Sensitive teeth, this is for you!
I've always had sensitive teeth from the time I could remember. Since using this mouth wash I've noticed my teeth aren't as sensitive when brushing and or drinking warm or cold drinks. Use this on a daily basis and recommend if you have real sensitive teeth.
Takes the pain away
Within a week of using it the teeth sensitivity I was experiencing went away.
really great
Helps my sensitive teeth. Great mint flavor and no burning!
I love tis product! It leaves my breath fresh and minty. I would highly recommend this.
This product freshens my breath and it is not too harsh like other products.
Ce bain bouche est très efficace, il laisse la bouche sent très fraîche. Ce qui est bien que je le porte partout dans mon sac et il est très bon.
This works very well for those who have sensitive teeth. Just make sure to do it at a time where you do not need to drink or eat after using it for about a half hour.
J'ai essayé ce produit et je l'adore. Il procure un effet rafraîchissant dans la bouche et protège de la sensibilité dentaire
This seems to work for tooth sensitivity but only if you use it every day.
The mouthwash is great at cleaning my teeth and fortifying them to help reduce my sensitivity. The flavor is nice and doesn't make my tongue feel funny after using it.
I like this product because it's not so strong TC but it's also sensitive for my teeth because I have very sensitive teeth it leaves them feeling refresh and smelling fabulous it also helps waiting on my sign I love Sensodyne products
great minty feeling. Also very calming, not stimulating and stingy like Listerine. Very nice mouth wash leaving you feeling clean.
It works great - have a few sensitive teeth and have tried other products, but this works the best

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