4.4 5 0 5 5 These easy-to-use dishwasher packs give you the perfect amount of grease-fighting dishwasher detergent for a total clean the first time, leaving no iffy scents behind.
Seventh Generation™ Dishwasher Packs - Free & Clear
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Works well!
This detergent worked really well for our dishwasher. There was no leftover residue on the dishes. I only wish they made larger packages of this product, as I have only seen small bags.
Great dishwasher detergent!
It is a little bit expensive for the amount you get but it is my favorite.
Works great!
I have hard water and this product works well and does not leave a residue on my dishes.
Not the cheapest product on the shelf, but you have to respect this company’s mission.
Better then other brands
This product was quite surprising, at first I was unsure if it would live up to other brands out there but I am pleasantly surprised!
I have used a few Seventh Generation products and was very happy with them! Unfortunately, I can't seem to find them in stores here in Montreal, so I have to order them online, which is more expensive. Would love to try this and perhaps switch my regular detergent as I have done with several other products ( diapers, handwash, laundry detergent)
Nice, never tried seventh generation but heard great things about this brand. Now that with dishwasher, I'm curious how effective this is without harming the environment. Would love to try it!

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