4 5 0 83 83 Inspired by the authentic Greek method, new Silhouette Greek 0% has twice the protein of regular yogurt at 50 calories per serving.
Silhouette™ Greek
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I just love this yogurt. It is rich, creamy and delicious. It fills you up for quite a while also
I love this yogurt, yes it is thicker than most but that`s what I like about it, the flavors are fantastic and I like that the Protein content is much higher and half the calories. Love it, but it is a little expensive but again you get what you pay for
Not a bad greek yogurt, you can definitely taste the artificial sweetener in it. In my top five for greek yogurts.
This product is very delicious one of my top two for greek yogurts.
I have tried a lot of the Greek yogurts and would have to say this is one of my favorites, it has a very creamy texture and the flavor is amazing!
Very thick. (almost too thick). Takes a little bit to get used to, even compared to other greek yogurts. However, my son LOVES the green apple (sour apple) one. It is tangy but a nice treat. Quite pricey so I do wait for it to go on sale as he can eat 2-3 of the little cups in one sitting
I only buy Okios greek yogurt but I`m curious to find out if Silhouette is worth the try. I`m on a diet so my concern would be about the sugar, etc.
Silhouette is my favorite yogurt, so I`m definitely interested in trying this!
I haven`t tried this and won`t be trying anything made by this brand after finding out they use ground up bugs to add color to their yogurts!!
Im not a huge fan of Greek, so I probably wouldn`t try this product
Was not a big fan of this. It was a little to thick for my liking.
Liked not as much as another brand. Kids liked it so would buy for them.
Smooth and creamy, a perfect high protein snack! Great texture and taste.
My daughter loves these! She has one to accompany her lunch every day! We especially like the berry flavour.
This greek yogurt tastes so good and it`s healthy too which doesn`t hurt!

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