4 5 0 83 83 Inspired by the authentic Greek method, new Silhouette Greek 0% has twice the protein of regular yogurt at 50 calories per serving.
Silhouette™ Greek
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Loving that this only has 50 calories in it!! Its super healthy for you and makes for a guilt free treat!
love love loe the new greek yogurt craze! and danone is amazing
I thought the texture was great, but I couldn`t get past the aspartame taste
Love DANONE yogurt and the fact its greek yogurt makes it even better! Really like the fact its twice as high in protein too.
I just tried the greek silhouette yogurt and am hooked on the creamy taste.
I`ve tried this and really tried to like it, but I didn`t. I can actually taste aspertame - not very good at all. The vanilla one is probably the best out of the flavours. I much prefer the Oikos brand greek yogurt.
Love this one - particularly the Vanilla flavour. Definitely a yummy snack - ondering about the other flavours...
WOW APPLES!Nice apple taste, very thick and smooth. Kind of like a thick whipped cream and apple-juice mix, but not sweet.Eat it as soon as you buy it, as my last cup`s texture turned Ricotta-like, with tiny lumps. Also, the Flavour became much more cheesy with the extra time, which was very great for a cheese nut like myself.
I haven`t tried this but i am sure it would be great tasting with twice the protien would be even better. Would love to try this.
My go-to breakfast! Great flavors, love that its stirred, not filled with fruit chunks
I love this yogurt. I add a little granola and fresh berries and I`m off for the day! Love it
50 calorie greek yogurt that tastes good? How do they do that? I usually get Liberte.
I`m not normally a fan of greek yogurt but this one tasted really good. Will definitely buy this brand again.
The Danone yoghurts are always delicious, the greek variety is always my favourite.
I love this greek yogurt with some granola. It is great snack .

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