4.6 5 0 175 175 Silk® Unsweetened Cashew Beverage is unbelievably creamy with 70% fewer calories than skim milk
Silk Creamy Cashew Beverage Unsweetened
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Best dairy substitute for me
I love the versatility of this product for me. Tastes great, I have a dairy allergy and sensitivity to almonds and some other nuts, fortunately not cashews. I’ve used this product for recipes as well and am now looking forward to making some yummy hot cocoa with it, I think the creaminess of it will be perfect.
Better than milk
This is a great alternative to dairy and taste great too.
So yunmy
My family and I have just recently stopped drinking cow's milk. So far we have tried almond milk and this cashew one. It's good it doesn't have much of a taste and the consistency is just like cow's milk. I prefer this unsweetened one of the sweet one. :)
This stuff is perfect for cooking. Doesn't give you that sweetness you get when you use the original
Even good with cereal
So far this is the only milk substitute I have used that has the same consistency as cows milk. I am very picky about what I put in my Coffee and tea, would rather go without than add something that doesn't feel right or taste right. With this I don't miss the milk.
It is a great option for lactose intolerant people. I even put it in my coffee.
Goût léger parfait avec les céréales. Pas sucré et le goût de vanille est subtil.
Next best thing to milk
I do buy this product.It taste very good.But my brand I get is Almond.
Best Cashew Milk on the Market
This is by far the best cashew milk on the market. It has a great taste. It can be used in many different combinations.
Tasty doesn't begin to describe it
This is such great stuff! So many uses: in coffee or hot chocolate, for baking, stirred into the batter for pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs. It can also be mixed with other dairy and non-dairy milks.
great product
very good choice for diabetics-no sugar.has a very mild smooth taste. great in our cereal.
Creamy Goodness
I love this unsweetened vanilla cream cashew non-dairy milk. I go through a lot of this non-dairy milk... use it for overnight oats, smoothie bowls, in a glass on it’s own and in my coffee. So creamy and smooth. Love it!
I first tried this product when I was pregnant 3 years ago because I couldn't drink dairy. Oh my lanta, it is amazing. So creamy and it has that hint of cashew. It is a great alternative to almond jf you want something creamy
Love love love this product. It’s the only thing I drink as a milk substitute. I love everything about it.
Better than Soy
I purchased this product after I had decided to go dairy free last year. I used to purchase almond milk because Soy bothers my stomach. This drink coffee is so much better in my coffee because it doesn't leave an oily film.

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