4.6 5 0 175 175 Silk® Unsweetened Cashew Beverage is unbelievably creamy with 70% fewer calories than skim milk
Silk Creamy Cashew Beverage Unsweetened
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Silk Review
Although I like the flavour of this product, I would definitely recommend the Silk Unsweetened Original Almond over this one.
Better than milk
I really enjoy this in my smoothies. It’s less calories than milk and taste amazing in my morning smoothie. I like the unsweetened because my smoothies are full of naturally sweet fruit.
i was impressed with hte flavour really nice. would buy this again
Amazingly delicious
My family absolutely loves this drink. It is a nice change from juice and milk and it tastes amazingly. I highly recommend it.
Creamy Cashew Unsweetened Vanilla
This product was so creamy and delicious, I recommended this product to family members and friends.
Silk Creamy Cashew Beverage Unsweetened
Silk Creamy Cashew Beverage Unsweetened is one of my favorites. I love how thick and creamy it is and tasty too.
Good replacement
I've been using these milk replacements for over two years. The Silk is one of the better, great on cereal or making protein shakes. Less calorie and sugars. The taste is good as well and if you're lactose intolerance this is perfect.
Not enough cashew flavour
I love Silk products however I was a bit disappointed in this one. I was hoping it would taste more like cashews! It did have a great silky texture just not enough flavour
Parfait pour créer des smoothies!
Super pour les smoothies! Un excellent remplacement pour le lait de vache, afin de réduire les apports caloriques. Un smoothie, c’est carrément un repas, et ça a beau être healthy, c’est beaucoup de calories. Ça permet au moins de réduire les calories du lait (on coupe par 3!). Niveau goût c’est super, surtout si c’est complimenté par des saveurs subtiles ou des noix/graines!
Even better than milk
This is a perfect vegan alternative to milk, heats up well for lattes and cappuccinos. The taste is very pleasant and it's enjoyable to drink it on it's own. I love cashew milk, especially this one.
This is super! Cashew makes a bit thicker of a milk than almond. It tastes really good with ceral.
This product was perfect for making my turmeric lattes. I could down this stuff every day!
Excellent Product
Excellent new addition to the Silk product line. Low in sugar and nice new cashew taste. High in protein.
best milk alternative out there!
This cashew milk is my favourite! Especially the unsweetened version, it tastes amazing and is so good for you. As someone who doesn't drink milk, I really enjoy the taste of this beverage as it tastes a lot like milk and doesn't have a weird after taste like a lot of dairy free beverages. I drink some every day and I love it.
I love the fact that I can actually pour this in a glass and drink it I can't do that with regular milk but this cashew drink is delicious and I can have it with anything that I want

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