4.6 5 0 175 175 Silk® Unsweetened Cashew Beverage is unbelievably creamy with 70% fewer calories than skim milk
Silk Creamy Cashew Beverage Unsweetened
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Best SILK milk
If you drink non dairy beverages and haven't tried silk...it's a must! Silk is my go to dairy alternative. They're thicker than other brands...not watery, and slightly thicker than dairy milk. The cashew has a creaminess to it that is unlike others, creamy and delicious! I prefer the unsweetened Silk as I find it has a natural sweetness and doesn't need the extra sweet. Cashew is my favourite and it's great to use cooking and baking as a substitute as well... Highly recommend!
the best
I love this milk!!! I'm lactose intolerant but im also allergic to almonds so I tried this, and its amazing! i absolutely love it
unsweetened cashew milk
love that its unsweetend, use in my cereal and coffee, doesn't leave any aftertaste
Creamy & Yummy Cashew Milk
I tried this and was very pleased with the consistency and taste. I used it in my smoothies & to make my coffee (which I add coconut oil to) already, extra yummy. I also like that there is no sugar in it. Good product :)
Creamy Cashew
I had used this creamy Cashew in my smoothies for a thick and creamy taste. I also love it because there is no sugar added, so that make it more healthier to use in coffee, as I don't add sugar to my drinks. I would continue to use..
Enjoyed every sip ( Mixed with my morning smoothie )
have a glass
i have started this and like it alot i use it on my pouridge,cerals,and adding cocoa to it for added chocolate taste less calories,enjoyable and doesn't leave you with heavy tummy feeling like milk and i even drink it as a refreshing glass alone. trust me i am not a plain milk lover.....but this oh yes...thanks
Very good!
I loved the taste and creaminess of the product. The only thing I didn't like was that it would not froth in my milk frother. It was too watery, so I went back to only one brand of Almond milk that does froth. That is the only negative of this product.
Smoothie favourite
Great for my weekend smoothies! Morning tea and cereal too!
My all time favourite milk
I always buy this stuff, it tastes so much creamier and tastier than almond milk, it's so delicious and I don't feel bad for drinking it or using it in recipes since it is healthy. Love it.
delicious, low cal drink that really is smooth , creamy and nutty! I love this drink.
A vegan
I'm a vegan, and it's a great alternative to a dairy product!!
For a person with milk intollerance this milk has been my breakfast saver. Very creamy and smooth. Tasty anf great for milk alternative.
Never without it
Absolutely love this milk alternative . I have this and the chocolate one in my fridge at all times . We have actually switched from cows milk to this in our house . Highly recommend it . Even the kids love it !
Not my style
Too chalky and gritty tasting. It didn’t have the consistency of milk

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