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Simple Nourishing
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This isn't as hydrating as some skin creams I've tried, but for those with sensitive skin and allergies (like my mother) it's an absolute blessing. When I visit her, I'm always stealing some of this, so I should probably just buy my own tub. I don't have sensitive skin or allergies, but for me I love knowing that it has good simple ingredients and am especially grateful that it's non-comedogenic meaning that it won't clog your pores. I'm so prone to blackheads on my nose that I always try to buy a non-comedogenic brand these days.
This is a very good product.I use it daily.My skin is very sensitive,and most creams and lotions cause redness and rash.But this product is gentle,and soothing.
I am a first time user of the Simple 24 hour moisturizing cream and i love it. Feels great on my sensitive skin and would definitely buy it again.
I am not sure you can even purchase this product where I live.
I have not tried this product, but I would like to try it!
Love the product line! Very clean, refreshing and safe to use on sensitive skin. Great product.
I have tried this product by #Simple. I like the fact that it is lasts 24 hours, that it is gentle on my skin while it effectively moisturizes. I found that #SimpleNourishing #Moisturizing #Cream is really effective making a big difference in the appearance of my skin.and also the way it makes my skin so soft.
I love Simple products. The Day/Night nourishing cream is just the right texture without the greasiness or some other creams.
Simple is a product my daughter swears by, we have many other products in our home as well. Tried, tested and true.
I've been on prescription acne cream (vit A) and thought this would be good given how sensitive my skin is right now. Boy was I wrong! Stung on my face so bad! I would not recommend to any acne cream users.
I tried this and I wasn't very thrilled with it. I found it made my oily skin even more oilier, but those with normal, or dry skin may like it.
Nourishing is the best part! I please send me a sample of the ty
I would live to try this product. I heard very good things about and how well it works.
Hello, I have not tried this product, but I have tried the brand. I love it, and the price is very affordable. I've tried other more expensive brands, but always come back to this one. I'd love to try this product if you so desire.
i would love to try this .i have been looking for a cream like this day/night

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