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Simple®  Replenishing Rich Moisturizer
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Feels great on skin
This product feels great on skin and is fragrance free. This is perfect for people with sensitive skin as the scent will not irritate your skin. I also love the green packaging.
Simple skincare products are so gentle on your skin. The Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer is a light cream that quickly penetrates your skin without leaving it feeling sticky or oily. It is a gentle formula that is lightweight and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and hydrated. My skin can breathe and I noticed that a healthy glow.
Very disappointed. I used this cream for years and loved it. Lightweight but moisturizing. I have sensitive skin that gets very dry after I shower, so I was so glad to find a moisturizer that worked. Then I started to develop dermatitis around my mouth and chin. I changed all my makeup and cleansers. I changed my sheets and detergents, absolutely everything that could come in contact with my face. The only thing I never changed was this cream because I was sure it wasn't the cause. Well months later I finally stopped using it and my dermatitis cleared up within a few days. It has not come back since I stopped using this cream.
Really great product for people with sensitive skin and does not clog pores
Definitely good and non-greasy/lightweight! Maybe I should go back to using this!
I love this! No scent gentle on the skin but makes it feel so smooth!
As someone with sensitive skin, I wanted a product that Did not have any scent to it and something that wouldn't leave my face feeling like I just ate a sticky Popsicle... this exceeded my expectations. Nice light moisturizer and no scent to it at all! I use it in the winter time (when my skin gets too dry) and it works very well!
Une crème de jour avec de bonnes intentions: pas de parfum! pas d'ingrédients non nécessaires et qui irritent la peau! Cependant, même si j'ai été contente de découvrir qu'il s'agissait d'une crème hydratante sous forme de gel parfaite pour ma peau mixte à grasse, j'ai senti de petites brulures en l'appliquant, mais cela n'a duré que dix secondes. Après l'avoir laissée pénétrer pendant quinze minute, j'ai ensuite appliqué mon fond de teint à l'aide d'une éponge. Le résultat n'était pas concluant, il y avait cet aspect "cakey" toute la journée. Le fond de teint n'avait pas l'air naturel et se voyait beaucoup. Cette crème n'est pas compatible avec un fond de teint couvrant. Voilà pourquoi je suis déçue.
I found this moisturizer very good on my face. It helped it not to feel dry anymore. It wasn't too greasy feeling either. My face felt really good after using this product.
Love this product. I think it helps my breakouts a lot, and for that I am grateful!
I love this entire brand. The moisturizer is my favourite. It's not sticky or greasy. It absorbs nicely and does not irritate my skin.
I've bought this product for my extremely dry hands during the winter time, it worked wonders! It doesn't leave a greasy feeling, it dries quickly and keeps your skin soft. I have very sensitive skin and had no irritation!
Wonderful. Light yet provides maximum moisturization. (if that's a word) ;-)
I've tried this moisturizer and love it. Its really gentle on my skin with no dryness
i got this as a free sample from chick advisor to try. I am still using it after a few weeks. This is a great rich moisturizer! It's not thick or greasy, and a little goes a long way ! the only thing is that is kinda smells likes a weird nothing smell.. nothing special .

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