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Simply Limeade®
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Fresh twist
We love lemonade in this household! This was a nice twist on the usual. We like pink lemonade and I have added lime to our lemonade before so it wasn't strange to try, more exciting!
Since this particular line of juices came out and are not from concentrate...we have tried every flavour!!! My family, actually almost all adults and are out on their own....this is what they buy in a regular basis...customers got life...as long as it stays cost effective
love lime
love lime and citrus and sour stuff. this is still a bit sweet and will feel it on your teeth but the sour pucker is great. wish it was available in more stores around here. price point is ok.
Tastes yummy!
I really like this limeade. It quenches my thirst and tastes yummy. My kids love it as well. I highly recommend mixing this with gin. So good! I would totally recommend this to friends or family or anjyone!
We had some the hottest days this summer and this drink was refreshing. This drink was tasteful and was different from pop or pulp juice. This had a good taste sweet but not too sweet.
Bought it because it was on sale at the local grocery store. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was, it is on my usual shopping list now
Great taste
I love this lemonade! Tastes really great and extremely refreshing!
My favourite flavour
This is my favorite in the Simply brand. It totally beats lemonade with its power packed lime goodness and taste. Best served chilled.
Great limonade, So refreshing and natural tasting. It makes my mood go high. I love it.
This is some really good limeade. It is delicious. I would purchase this again.
I love this!! Definitely a refreshing treat during the summer!
Great summer drink on its own or as a mix. Also great to add to crushed ice!
I love this brand. It tastes just like homemade. I find it a little strong so I dilute 50/50 water/lemonade. Try it. You will like it.
This lemonade has a great taste, not too sweet or too sour. It's very refreshing over ice with a little slice of lemon as well. It also fits nicely in the door of my fridge.
i buy this often love it great taste not too expensive

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