4.8 5 0 20 20 Our SimplyProtein® Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Nut & Fruit Bar is a marriage of soft and sweet flavours like real tangy cherries with luxurious chocolate chips and real almonds.
SimplyProtein Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Nut & Fruit Bars
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Quite yummy!
I tried this out thinking that it would be more sugar than substance and I was pleasantly surprised. Good amount of cherry flavour and great with the chocolate!
Taste great!
I thought these may taste a lot worse for some reason! but I was wrong and they tasted great! The dark chocolate was a really nice blend with the oats adding that extra sweetness! Really good!
My daughter bought these and i had one. OMG I rushed over to the store and bought a box for myself. Got home with them and hubby had a case of munchies so he got into my box of them. He enjoyed them so much that now I am supposed to buy some for him as well. I also gave a piece to my raccoon and he enjoyed them as well. Hopefully when I take one in my pocket to the barn the horses don't try and take it from me too. I gave 5 stars as they were enjoyed by our entire family.
Pretty decent
I thought it was a decent product. Has an alright taste. Would recommend
Protein bars
Love these protein bars! Healthy & are a great quick snack to keep your energy flowing!!
Tasted good
Bought for my daughter who is a vegetarian but I ended up eating them all because they tasted great. Decent amount of protein too!
Tastes better than most protein bars. A great little snack to grab on the go, for any lunch or workout routine.
Delicious and Healthy!
I absolutely LOVE these protein bars and I buy them on a weekly basis! Delicious, healthy and a quick grab and go snack for anytime!
Love it
These are so good, I always have one in my purse. Instant power boast.
Dark chocolate
I really love this product and still today buy it. Very flavorful and fresh. Price is great.
Love it
I love that these are vegan, texture and taste are so good
A year ago.
They are yummy !!! Love the cherry !!! I would definitely buy them again !!!
Great taste nice for small eaters who need extra proteins. Are quick healthy snack for the busy body with that hint of sweetness, cause who doesn’t like a little sweetness in their life.
Great taste
I love anything with dark chocolate and I love cherries- together they are awesome
Mmmm cherry goodness
I think its absolutely wonderful ..reasonable in carbohydrates which is a good thing , packed with flavour and the protein level is fantastic

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