4.5 5 0 6 6 skinfix® it's what we do™ for dry, eczema-prone babies all-natural, sulfate-free pediatrician & dermatologist tested tear-free
skinfix® Gentle Hair & Body Wash™
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great products good quality
our family loves to use skinfix products on our little ones. we have many items from their line and find it works well on our sons sensitive skin. highly recommended.
great for sensitive skin
I love this product for my daughter. She has very sensitive skin and this is perfect for her. great for body and hair and lathers really well so you don't need a lot.
I love this product. It gives my skin and scalp the added moisture it needs and doesn't leave my skin oily or greasy.
This is a great product for dry skin issues it makes my skin feel moisturized and eliminates dry skin
I have suffered excema my whole life and any product that can help a little is a win in my book, while it didnt rid me of my excema it seemed to relieve a bit ad didn't make it worse so this is a win in my book
I love the fact that it is a shampoo and body wash in one bottle. It helps alot with dry itchy skin. Will defiantly tell my friends and family to try this
I would love to try this product. It looks great based on reviews.
Je ne connais pas du tout se produits ,MeS Jaimerais beaucoup l'essayer 😉
My nephew has very bad eczema and has a lotion form of this and it's hard to get him to sit still. I would love to try this stuff and hope it works for him. He has rashes all over and constantly scratches.
my granddaughter has delicate skin. I have not tried this product but would love to try with her. please send a sample.
My oldest and youngest both have eczema on their arms so I will definitely have to try this product
I have never seen this or heard of it. If it does what it says it would great not great for my kids but also for my as I have eczema. Would kindly love to try it.
I never tried this product before but,it;s probably really good for your skin
Good for babies sensitive skin, but i'd love to try it too
I have never heard of this product or have seen it in the stores.

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