4.7 5 0 187 187 Canada’s favourite popcorn brand brings you mouth-watering decadence (for a limited time only!)
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Love this for a late night treat!
I really like this product because it mixes salty with sweet. Every bite you can taste the mouth full of flavors. It’s a really unique product and there’s nothing like this on the market.
These are DELICIOUS!!!
I have tried this item, again and again :-), and I will continue to. I like them so much I have shared my views with co-workers; as well as some of the product (but not too much, ;-)).
Smart food indulgence satisfies my chocolate cravings and is delicious.
Very Good!
I tried this popcorn, I felt like having something decadent, it was super flavourful and I am always looking for them in the store, but everyone must love the product as stock dwindles fast. I tried the other flavours as well the caramel and chocolate and that was amazing. they weren't soggy as one would expect, they still had crunch.
Smartfood! Goodfood!
Oh yum...some of my favourite flavours all wrapped into one bag! So good! Leaves you wanting more and more! The bag was a little on the small side, though...
Good snack
Nice light snack for afrernoon breaks, nice healthy treat
Smartfood Indulgence
This popcorn was good to taste but the raspberry taste was very fake. What I would recommend is if they make the raspberry chocolate from raspberry jam. I would recommend this to those who don't mind processed flavours.
My favourite it’s the best chocolate popcorn ever b
I seen this product, thought maybe I’d try it. Not sure if I would like it, but oh my so delicious! I tried to find it again and there was none left :(
Only complaint is the bag is too small!
Pairs very nicely with a glass of red wine and a good chick flick! Seriously this is a very tasty way to eat popcorn!
My Husband gave me a bag of the Smartfood Chocolate Raspberry Popcorn for Christmas. Never saw this product before, but 'WOW', it is absolutely delicious. A special treat indeed!
I wasn’t sure about these when I saw them, instinct told me to try them! So very glad I did! Such a light flavourful snack!
Hard to find
My daughter loves these better than regular popcorn she loves the flavours and they’re very hard to find in our hometown now because they’re so popular
So good!!!! Could not stop eating this!!!! Please bring this product back!!!!
Smartfood makes the best snacks!
I love this product because of its taste! Smartfood makes great snacks and my children love it! I take it for lunch, I eat them at home and the packaging looks great also!

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