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Savoury and Sweet
Love this twist on my favourite treats - popcorn and chocolate! Who knew that the two combinations could taste so well together!
This smartfood flavour of popcorn is very tasty. The mixture of raspberry with chocolate is something I never would of though I liked, but it’s delicious. Especially when you are having a chocolate craving but want something lighter than just a chocolate bar.
great popcorn
I lover the mixture of raspberry, chocolate and popcorn. Goes really well together
Smartfood Indulgence
A wonderful decadent snack that not only tastes good, but it is also good for you. An amazing mixture of flavors that complement each other. A bit pricey so I usually buy a few packages when they are on sale even though when you are eating a snack this good that is so healthy it is worth the price . I just like to be frugal.
My absolute FAVOURITE snack! Not overly sweet, nice light chocolate raspberry flavour. They are hard to come by in my area so when I find them I buy at least 4 bags.
Totally Exceeded my expectations. It’s my new favourite late night snack. Definitely recommend 100%
My go To snack. Yummy 😋 I love sweet popcorn and this is just right.
Love this Sweet Snack
Love the rich and sweet taste of the chocolate mixed with raspberry. Enjoy this snack when I am craving something sweet.
Really enjoyed buying this product, it's yummy and fills in for my sweet cravings midnight. Love it.
Great snack
I really liked this popcorn. Not too sweet. Had a nice raspberry flavor and the chocolate was good. Each piece has a little drizzle on it and its not all clumped together. It's a fairly large bag and not overly expensive
The heading of my review says it all .. This is the best popcorn i have ever tasted in my life.. I do have to make a couple complaints about this product and that is addictive and the bag becomes empty way to aoon.. Warning may lead to addiction and dont be surprised it you find your self repeatedly looking in an empty bag hoping to fins one more piece.. :)
like being in HEAVEN
OMG!!!! These are like the perfect kind of snack I tell yah .... Nothing is better then chocolate and that berry flavor smashed together like this it's like being in heavenly taste you have to try them I eat this on my lazy days...
These are to die for, I couldn't get enough. They were more enjoyable than I expected. I love trying new things, I was very pleased with this product. I sure would recommend this product.
tasty treat
they were an enjoyable treat--a good mix of sweet and salty. My mom gave me a bag of them. Nice change from potato chips.
Love this for a late night treat!
I really like this product because it mixes salty with sweet. Every bite you can taste the mouth full of flavors. It’s a really unique product and there’s nothing like this on the market.

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