Smartfood White Cheddar Ready to Eat Popcorn

4.7 5 0 246 246 Smartfood® White Cheddar popcorn has that creamy and mild real white cheddar cheese taste! It is also air popped and made with 100% whole grain corn. This delicious creamy tasting popcorn definitely hits the spot.
Smartfood White Cheddar Ready to Eat Popcorn


Simply Amazing
Awesome flavour! The popcorn is perfectly coated with great tasting seasoning. Simply amazing! Gone within minutes.
Delicious snack
Best cheese popcorn out there!! My kids love it and it’s great for a snack or movie night!! Always have some on hand at my house!!
Very Easy
Delicious, easy and quick snack! Already popped and flavoured. Also never found an un-popped kernel.
white cheddar popcorn
Delicious, buy it often. I would recommend it to anyone. Very tasty.
Smartfood white cheddar flavour profile.
This is some of the best popcorn that you can buy commercially. The cheese flavour is fantastic and it is very filling. It also does not cause the drowsy or bloated feeling that many other bagged snack chips and popcorn can. Always a go-to for an inexpensive snack-food.
So bad but so good!
I love this stuff once in a while! When the craving hits nothing else will do. Great for a movie night
Tired of White Cheddar
I enjoy popcorn and Smartfood is always good, however, I tend to choose other flavors.
My favorite popcorn of all time. So cheesy and tasty. Very addictive, so don’t think you can stop eating them once you start. Great for snacking.
My Favourite popcorn!!
Hands down! This popcorn is the best!!! The white cheddar flavour is so good and the popcorn is always covered well in the flavour! It's definitely my go to snack when I am looking in the chip aisle. It's wayy different then regular popcorn!
A favourite in our household! Have purchased too many times to count
Best Popcorn
My whole family loves this popcorn. The minute a bag is in the cupboard it's gone!
Kid favourite!
Both of my kids love this popcorn, it's convenient and delicious!
Great snack
Love the flavor of this popcorn. The convenience of ready to eat great tasting popcorn is a hit in my family.
Family Favorite
Our family absolutely enjoys this popcorn. Once you start, it's hard to stop. So flavorful with soft and crunchy texture: great for the whole family. Probably the best white cheddar flavored popcorn ever.
I like this popcorn better than any brand of popcorns. The taste is subtle.

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