Smartfood White Cheddar Ready to Eat Popcorn

4.8 5 0 448 448 Smartfood® White Cheddar popcorn has that creamy and mild real white cheddar cheese taste! It is also air popped and made with 100% whole grain corn. This delicious creamy tasting popcorn definitely hits the spot.
Smartfood White Cheddar Ready to Eat Popcorn


Go to for movie night
Great and consistent snack. Good flavour. Large quantity
Very delicious, but could use a bit more flavor sometimes.
Great Snack
Great taste and good value, Hankerin for a snack, this is the one.
One of my all time Favorites!
This is probably one of my favorite popcorn of all time. Eveytime I open a new bag at least half or more of the bag disappear......its so delicious and addicting. This popcorn has always been my weakness. lol However since we have been trying to eat healthier and organic in our household. I only get this once in a while as a treat. I really wish they made it with healthier organic ingredients.
I love this
This has to be the best popcorn on the market I love the flavour and once I open a bag it just seems to disappear in my house
The best cheese popcorn
My family loves this popcorn. No seasoning is needed it taste great!!! Never last long in my house! A must on movie nights!
My all time favorite snack
I have been eating Smartfood since 1990 and it is by far my favorite snack. There is nothing like this anywhere else even if many have tried to imitate it. I can sit down and eat the entire bag. Well worth the price if you want to indulge. It is highly addictive.
No need to buy popcorn seasoning, the taste of the cheddar is perfect and in good quantity. Good to lick your fingers
Go to snack
Don’t open unless you can consume the whole bag in one sitting ! Can’t stop!! Kids love this too! Family friendly snack ! Our go to family movie night snack. Best flavour and always good !
Works as a snack in a pinch
I didn't really like the texture of the white powder. It was dry and stuck to the roof of my mouth. Definitely needs a drink to wash it down. The powder coating could stick better to the popcorn but adding more processing would negate the "smart" aspect of the snack I guess.
So so good
I can eat an entire bag of this stuff. So good, light and full of flavor. Literally finger-licking good.
Best pre-popped popcorn
Pick this up as an alternative to chips on the odd occasion, has a satisfying taste but leaves quite a lot of residue on your fingers but that is my only reservation of eating this popcorn. When I have a craving for popcorn that I don't have to make myself, this is my go to. It tastes delicious.
Tackles my cravings!
I don't go in the chip aisle in the grocery store very often but when I do I'm compelled to grab a bag! Not an overwhelming taste ... just enough. Wish they had more options in sizes.
Tellement bon
Le goût est super et pas du tout artificiel. Difficile de ne pas manger un gros sac :)
Yummy in my tummy
This popcorn is so delicious. I enjoyed the light cheese flavour and the freshness of the popcorn. It's a snack I would definitely have again. I recommend it to anyone who love cheese and popcorn. It's an amazing combination.

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