Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies

4.3 5 0 224 224 Banana and chocolate chunk. Made with whole grain Quaker oats.
Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies


Going bananas
I love the taste and texture of these soft, chewy cookies. I was also pleasantly surprised that the banana didn't taste artificial. They make a great snack on the go and really fill you up.
Good Snack
This is a really practical and delicious snack for lunch boxes. The texture is good and it has a great flavor.
Très bon
Bon goût belle texture et nutritifs que demander de plus d'autres saveur comme aux pommes peut être ??? Je recommande pour une bonne collation.
Great snack!
These are great for a snack or even for breakfast. They are really dense which leaves you feeling full.
These taste great. What a convenient snack. I would buy these again.
I absolutely love these cookie packs!!! So soft and chewy and the flavor is amazing! I hope more flavors are released in the future!! And i would buy more then 1 box if they are a cheap price as well!!! Its a great snack!
I loved them! Soft, moist and full of flavour! These make a wonderful, quick snack.
I loved the size an texture. It was probably the only product I've ever tried where I didn't hate the banana taste! Downside is that they gave have the people I shared them with the most horrible gas (they only had one cookie each). Otherwise, very satisfying.
Love this Brand texture was soft and tasty.I woundt expect anyting else but the best from Quaker
These were good but not great, my kids took them in their lunches as a snack but ended up giving them away to their friends. The texture was great but the flavor was bland. My husband ate them as a "last resort" for his midnight snack and everyone asked me to not buy them again.
I really,really love these soft cookies.The taste of banana is not too strong and doesn't taste fake.the cookies are really very soft and tender.Very convenient to have at home.
These had a definite banana and chocolate taste, but they were nothing to get excited about. Just middle of the road. At my grocery store, these are all on clearance now...just saying.
I'm not a big cookie fan because cookies are too sweet for me, but I do buy these for my toddler and gave them a try, We love them, I finally found a cookie I actually enjoy! Thank you!
Soft Tasty Cookies. They are great. When you want a baked cookie but don't want to bake a batch.
This cookie is the perfect balance of sweetness! Thank you Quaker

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